• Rand Paul Is Launching A Brutal Ad Campaign To Destroy Democrats Over Foreign Aid

      From Business Insider:

      Rand Paul Is Launching A Brutal Ad Campaign To Destroy Democrats Over Foreign Aid

      Grace Wyler
      October 9, 2012

      Senator Rand Paul is taking his mission to cut U.S. foreign aid to the voters this week with a series of campaign ads that target Senate Democrats who voted against his amendment to block U.S. aid to Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya.

      The Kentucky Republican's political action committee, RAND PAC, went up with the first two ads this week, targeting West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Florida Senator Bill Nelson, two Democrats facing re-election challenges this November.

      A Paul political operative told Business Insider Tuesday that another ad is planned to go up against Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio by Thursday, and one will likely go up against Claire McCaskill in Missouri sometime next week.


      Regardless of the intent, the ad blitz is an aggressive move by Paul, a first-term Senator who is just starting to exercise his endorsement muscle. While it is not unusual for elected officials to support candidates through their leadership PACs, it is rare for a sitting Senator to level such harsh attacks against his colleagues.


      watch Rand's ad against WV Senator Joe Manchin here:


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