• Drama in the race NH Sen Andy Sanborn is in, his opponent...

    Drama in Andy Sanborn NH Senate race. Andy Sanborn was one of Ron Paul's co-campaign chairs in New Hampshire along with Jim Forsythe, and Ron Paul has endorsed his race. His Democratic opponent promised to help his lawyer colleagues from the inside if they donate to the campaign. I don't know, is a candidate allowed to say something like that? I guess so. This isn't good. This law firm is connected to the Shaheen family. There is a US Senator in NH that is part of the Shaheen family. Not good. Not good at all. Andy needs our help. This isn't just about getting Andy in office. It is about preventing his favor pedaling opponent from getting into office.

    Check out Andy's website and help him out. http://andysanborn.com/

    Sanborn Calls On Nyquist to Return Donations From Colleagues and Clients He Promised to Help “From the Inside”
    Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 08:23AM

    BEDFORD, NH – State Senator Andy Sanborn, candidate for re-election in the 9th District, today called on his Democratic opponent Lee Nyquist to return donations he has received from his colleagues at his law firm that he promised in an email to help “from the inside.”

    “Honestly, I am shocked at Mr. Nyquist’s blatant promise to peddle influence within the state house for his colleagues and clients,” said Senator Sanborn.

    “Public service is about solving problems and helping the citizens of our state, not giving special help to friends for personal gain. This is truly beyond the pale, and Mr. Nyquist has an obligation to return the donations he has received from trial lawyers to prove he is really running for the right reasons: to serve the citizens of District 9,” Sanborn concluded.

    As the New Hampshire Journal reported on Thursday, Mr. Nyquist sentan email to his colleagues at the Shaheen & Gordon Law Firm earlier in the week saying he would “advocate inside the Senate for our courts, our clients and our future clients,” and asking for “substantial donations” to help him do so.
    The email also called out Andy Sanborn for supporting judicial reform and being "a stalwart Tea Party member." Read the whole email here.

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