• Ron Paul to speak at Utah Valley Univ in Orem, UT on 10/18 about 1:30 Free to public

      Congressman Ron Paul is coming to Utah on October 18. He will speak to the public at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah, about 1:30 that afternoon!

      Details are still being finalized, but you need to know about this now so you can SAVE THE DATE, make arrangements to attend, and notify a boatload of friends and family to come with you.

      This event will be publicized on EventBrite within a few days - and I will send you another email then - so you can RSVP (register).

      More on that later. Here is what I know right now:
      • Who: Congressman Ron Paul
      • Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012
      • Time: approximately 1:30
      • Location: Utah Valley University (UVU), exact venue is yet to be determined
      • Cost: No charge (free)
      More information will be made available as details are finalized.

      In liberty,

      Lowell Nelson
      Utah State Coordinator
      Campaign for Liberty

      PS: Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear the Champion of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul, in person!

      Facebook event:


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