Here's an update on the Oregon delegate contest.

    [Backstory, Oregon has a majority of delegates for Ron Paul and would have alternates for him too but the state GOP is pretending the convention ended at 5 (tho votes to end were out voted) and those alternates don't count. So it appointed their own, and are now, with a first ever tried theory, saying THEIR guy should lead the delegation because even though Ron Paul has more than half the delegates, WITH alternates they appointed ignoring the real Ron Paul delegates they have more of the 'delegation' (read, alternates). This is huge because now the RNC has just voted that nominations have to be in writing. If the delegate lead doesn't turn one in..... Hopefully our people will make one up, sign it with a majority and send it to the RNC, the delegation lead, the media and us to spread however, better to seat the delegate alternates Ron Paul won in the first place. You can help.]

    11 alternates delegates contested on their own behalf, and the Ron Paul campaign legal contested on behalf of 21 alternate delegates. The paperwork and legal and changing rules and cheating made this SO hard to do, but with help, we did it! Some friends and I were able to help with the individual contests listed here: http://www.ordelegates2012.org/resou...tials-contest/

    Here is the Ron Paul campaign contest, my friends and I and all the delegates also helped them gather evidence and affidavits when they asked for our help.

    The RNC committee on contests proceeded to consolidate the contests (to hide the face that our individual challenges were not responded to perhaps?). Then they made a recommendation to the RNC on the side of the establishment, Oregon Republican Party chair Allen Alley, quoting his stance and affidavit http://www.ordelegates2012.org/wp-co...ads/2012/08/Re... in their 'report' (instead of any relevant rules). http://www.ordelegates2012.org/wp-co...ads/2012/08/RN...

    10 alternates objected to the consolidation and to the report, and also the Ron Paul campaign legal objected. (documents/objections will be uploaded soon)

    The RNC (over our objections) consolidated all of the Oregon contests. There was a hearing over the objection to report was yesterday - RP campaign lawyer defended the Oregon alternates. He sent us an email saying it went pretty well (if it was a court of law, it would be in the bag). BUT ITS NOT A COURT CASE, the RNC itself will decide!

    Next steps:
    1. a revised report from the committee on contests to the RNC
    2. a vote by the members of the RNC
    3. if that doesn't go our way, a final contest with the Credentialing Committee.

    this all happens this week, so PLEASE HELP US

    Things you can do: contact your National Committeeman/Committeewoman. They are members of the RNC who get to vote during the next stage ! Demand that they support the duly elected Oregon alternates, not Allen Alley's appointed friends & cronies. Spreadsheet of many RNC emails: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/95122650/rn...mbers-2012.xls

    Here are more details of the Oregon Alternate Delegates contest. http://www.ordelegates2012.org/resou...tials-contest/ and http://www.ordelegates2012.org

    thanks everyone!

    video of ballots being removed:

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