• Again, Paul polls better than Romney against Obama, this time in the new PPP Poll of Montana. Paul leads Obama by 8 -beyond the margin of error - Romney doesn't - But Ron needs INDEPENDENTS to win the OPEN PRIMARY! Voter Registration in Montana closes May 7, 2012 link to register below:

    Paul 49% (+8)
    Obama 41%

    Romney 48% (+5)
    Obama 43%


    Voter registration information for Montana: http://sos.mt.gov/elections/Archives...n_Calendar.pdf

    Romney leads Obama 48-43, down from a 50-40 advantage when PPP last polled the state in November. Worse for Romney is that his soon-to-be-vanquished intraparty foe Ron Paul actually leads Obama by eight points (49-41). Obama is able to keep it relatively close here because he basically ties Romney with the plurality independents, while Paul leads by 22 points.

    [B]At this point, ...with independents, Romney has a lot of work to do, and this is true and more problematic for him in swing states where Obama is doing just as well as he did in 2008 because of Romney’s toxicity with independents and Democrats. That is on top of lingering doubts with some partisan Republicans who were not behind him in the primary battle.
    PublicPolicyPolling ‏ @ppppolls
    Ron Paul does better than Romney against Obama (49-41) because he leads Obama by 22 with indies vs Romney's 1

    PublicPolicyPolling ‏ @ppppolls
    Romney's weakness with indies not enough to lose Montana but he has the same problem in states he has to win

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