• URGENT - RP Campaign needs HELP in Louisiana!!!

    The Ron Paul Campaign needs tons of help from people out of state!!!

    If you are in NYC or Los Angeles, please phone bank there since those call centers will be calling Louisiana.

    If you are in eastern TX (even Dallas or Houston), they need some help on caucus day at nearby locations. Same goes for volunteers throughout AR, MS, AL and FL who want to drive in to help.

    They have several beds open in the intern housing in Baton Rouge for people who want to come down from now until Saturday to help the Campaign with ID and GOTV work. The Campaign will feed and house you for free if your get yourselves here!!!

    Finally, anyone in Louisiana needs to plug into the grassroots. If you're in Baton Rouge, that means coming to the office to phone bank. If you're elsewhere, that means plugging into the campaign to help out our volunteer coordinators do GOTV and caucus day operations.

    For questions please contact JB and Doug at 225-366-7712 or 225-532-3063.

    Email is jbb@ronpaul2012.com

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