• Photos: Ron Paul at the University of California, Los Angeles rally

    Just finished uploading my photos from yesterday's rally at the University of California, Los Angeles. It was a great event, despite heavy security for no apparent reason (on the part of UCLA's tennis court staff, not the campaign's who have always been very nice), which prevented me from capturing Ron from every angle, but oh well. It was great to see such energy, and as a lot of people suggested several days before the rally, registering as a Republican was a main theme of the introducer of Ron before his speech, and Ron even emphasized people registering and voting. You can find MANY more photos from the event here.

    Please do not merge this thread with the other UCLA thread, as I'd like to keep my photo threads seperate as I always do.

    I uploaded a couple panoramic view photos as well of the entire crowd at the stadium. It was great seeing some fellow RPFers at the event, and I wish I had gotten to meet other RPFers who attended the rally as well. You can find MANY more photos from the rally at the link below.

    You can find more than 70 photos from the event here.

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