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    Ron Paul Libertarians Take Control of Libertarian Party

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Ron Paul Libertarians Take Control of Libertarian Party v14j7m0

    Last Post By: ClaytonB 05-21-2024, 08:18 AM Go to last post
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    Tariffs Are A War On American Consumers

    Thread Starter: PAF

    May 17, 2024 v4tb7cn https://rumble.com/v4vs6yn-tariffs-are-a-war-on-american-consumers.html?mref=jcwo5&mc=2sdbb One of the greatest ironies in America, of all places, is that politicians have the citizens cheering on the raising of taxes on themselves. How so? Well, whenever the government spends money it doesnít have, that the Federal Reserve counterfeits into existence, thatís a tax....

    Last Post By: TheTexan Today, 02:43 PM Go to last post

    Is The Assange Case Slipping Out Of US Hands?

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    Is The Assange Case Slipping Out Of US Hands? v4tw0ne

    Last Post By: acptulsa Yesterday, 10:07 AM Go to last post
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    Anti Federalist

    Invasion USA

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    RELATED (see this post): NYC's immigration woes Chicago's immigration woes NYC Mayor Eric Adams on Illegal Immigrants Arriving in the City: ‘This Is Horrific’ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/08/nyc-mayor-eric-adams-illegals-arriving-city-horrific/ HANNAH BLEAU 8 Aug 2022

    Last Post By: PAF Today, 02:07 PM Go to last post

    Constitution Party

    Thread Starter: Snowball

    HISTORIC EVENT BEGINS NEW ERA FOR THE CONSTITUTION PARTY Presidential Ticket Selected New Generation of Leadership to Take Over Details to comeÖ (message on home page) Randall Terry and Stephen Broden win the nomination for Constitution Party Presidential Ticket

    Last Post By: jmdrake Today, 01:27 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    What??!! Judge Nap, Trump and the Kennedy assassination

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    What the $#@!, over? https://twitter.com/i/status/1768646268467708219 1768646268467708219

    Last Post By: Snowball Today, 12:55 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    EVs can't work, and are just stepping stones to banning all personal transportation

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    Keep in mind while reading this that once "emissions" are no longer an issue, it will be some other issue that will ban EVs. The EU is working on new "Tier 7" regulations because of brake dust and tire particle "pollution". Occasional Use Vehicles https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2022/12/06/occasional-use-vehicles/ By eric -

    Last Post By: CaptUSA Today, 12:23 PM Go to last post

    Federal Court lacks prosecutorial jurisdiction over Senator Menendezís alleged crimes

    Thread Starter: johnwk

    . Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been INDICTED by the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK, for alleged criminal Acts - accepting bribes as a Senator of the United States, and illegally acting as a foreign agent, on behalf of Egypt and Qatar Ė which violate his office of public trust. His trial begins today 9/15/2024 in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF...

    Last Post By: johnwk Today, 12:13 PM Go to last post
    Occam's Banana

    Trump indictment #4: 2020 election RICO conspiracy [Fulton county GA]

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    Trump indictments: index of threads] Trump's (still impending) fourth indictment is already a farce, and it hasn't even officially happened yet. https://twitter.com/ToniWaterman_/status/1691127685337042948 to: https://twitter.com/ToniWaterman_/status/1691143777551790096 Georgia court website briefly publishes, removes document about potential Trump charges

    Last Post By: nobody's_hero Today, 12:01 PM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    Taking things from white people

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    This is an excerpt from a opinion piece written by Michael Harriot published 11 July 2023 and titled: Take things from white people In the piece he goes on to say how, because of white supremacy and violent white people maiming and killing decent black folks, there is no choice to but to take everything from from white people: Lets examine some of these claims:

    Last Post By: Anti Federalist Today, 11:36 AM Go to last post

    Gov official reducing Gov

    Thread Starter: vita3

    Besides obvious Paul, Massie, Amash Who is really reducing excessive Gov out there?

    Last Post By: vita3 Today, 08:14 AM Go to last post
    Anti Federalist

    SC joins over 20 other states and bans transqueeer treatments for minors-LA and NH to follow

    Thread Starter: Anti Federalist

    South Carolina Gov. Signs ‘Help Not Harm’ Law Protecting Children from Transgender Procedures https://www.breitbart.com/health/2024/05/21/south-carolina-gov-signs-help-not-harm-transgender-law/ NEIL MUNRO 21 May 2024 South Carolina’s Republican governor has signed a “Help Not Harm” law that shields children and teenagers from risky transgender medical procedures. The law signed by...

    Last Post By: Working Poor Today, 06:58 AM Go to last post
    Occam's Banana

    RFK Jr.'s 2024 POTUS campaign

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    Robert F Kennedy Jr to challenge Biden for White House https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-65197673 Chloe Kim (05 April 2023) Robert F Kennedy Jr has filed election paperwork to run for US president in 2024 as a Democrat. The 69-year-old is the son of assassinated Senator Robert F Kennedy and nephew of President John F Kennedy. The environmental lawyer's campaign treasurer, John E...

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    Occam's Banana

    The decline and fall of Red Lobster

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    It's OVER For Red Lobster https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/it's-over-for-red-lobster:3 {Actual Justice Warrior | 16 May 2024} In this video I discuss the recent closures & pending bankruptcy of the once great Red Lobster. I explain all of the different factors that played into it & how they set themselves up for failure nearly 10 years ago. Sources: WSJ Video:...

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Today, 02:35 PM Go to last post

    Central Bank Digital Money (CBDC) is not "crypto"

    Thread Starter: Bern

    As a tangent to an RPF crypto thread, I commented that CBDCs <> crypto. I spent some time this morning writing an article on the subject to explore it in a little bit more depth. This issue is a fundamental battleground for financial liberty. I hope it helps clarify the issue for people: CBDCs = TOFO (Tools of Financial Oppression)

    Last Post By: Bern Today, 12:45 PM Go to last post

    Silver broke through $30

    Thread Starter: Bern

    Looks like it might run a bit

    Last Post By: oyarde Yesterday, 05:10 PM Go to last post
    Matt Collins

    CPI jumps 5% in May of 2021, fastest since 2008

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    If they are admitting a 5% jump, the true number is probably more like 15%-20% https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/business/consumer-price-index-may-2021.html

    Last Post By: acptulsa 05-21-2024, 08:07 PM Go to last post
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    Working Poor

    When Are We Going to Demand It?

    Thread Starter: Working Poor

    All you have to do is go to a grocery store to see that America has an obesity problem. I have seen 5 year old children that weigh more than I do. The reason this is happening is because of refined sugars and carbs, artificial sweeteners and, plant oils being added to food products. Why don't we do something about this? It is killing off the children and adults. It is terrifying to look at...

    Last Post By: oyarde Yesterday, 05:53 PM Go to last post
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    Occam's Banana

    Human Action Conference 2024

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    Human Action Conference https://mises.org/podcasts/human-action-conference {Mises Institute | undated} The Human Action Conference celebrates the 75th anniversary of Ludwig von Mises’s masterpiece. Hosted in Auburn, Alabama, May 16-18, 2024. Human Action Conference 2024

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana Today, 02:26 PM Go to last post

    Like Jeffrey Epstein, LGBTQ hero Harvey Milk also liked them young

    Thread Starter: Swordsmyth

    After his mysterious demise, celebrity predator-pervert Jeffrey Epstein still manages to dominate the news. That calls for a look back at another man who also liked ‘em young, but who has become a civil-rights hero with glowing memorials on every hand. As NBC News reports, the Harvey Milk Terminal at the San Francisco International Airport is “the first in the country to be named...

    Last Post By: Working Poor Today, 05:55 AM Go to last post

    Should Harvey Milk Day Be Repealed in California?

    Thread Starter: WarmPotato

    Harvey Milk was a San Francisco politician in the 1970s well known for activism in the LGBT movement. We've named a Navy ship after him, made him a postage stamp, and Obama even gave Harvey Milk the presidential medal of freedom! Why? Because the LGBT movement is attempting to whitewash history. Harvey Milk was an LGBT icon, who had a love of young boys. I encourage you to read the book...

    Last Post By: acptulsa Yesterday, 07:06 PM Go to last post

    No, Mises Was not Wrong about the Middle of the Road

    Thread Starter: PAF

    Mises Wire Eduard Bucher 05/20/2024 Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Renato Moicanoís recent statement that patriots should read Ludwig von Mises has led the Institute of Economic Affairs to upload a nine-minute video addressing the most googled questions about Mises. It is largely accurate and does justice to some of Misesís major contributions, and for these reasons it is to be...

    Last Post By: ClaytonB Yesterday, 01:49 PM Go to last post
    Occam's Banana

    Gayle Rubin's radical theory of the politics of sexuality

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    Critical Theory threads] The Origin of ***** Theory: Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex” The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 79 (06 June 2022) Thinking Sex Series, Part 1 of 3 People have very rapidly realized, whether in Groomer Schools, marketing, or so many other corners of society that we’ve been suckered into supporting ***** Theory under the banner of a gay and lesbian...

    Last Post By: Occam's Banana 05-20-2024, 06:42 PM Go to last post
    Occam's Banana

    Dave Smith vs. neocons @ Tucker Carlson

    Thread Starter: Occam's Banana

    https://twitter.com/ComicDaveSmith/status/1791198147688968384 https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1791184844916953553 1791184844916953553

    Last Post By: Madison320 05-20-2024, 02:47 PM Go to last post
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