• Defeat the Mandates. Jan 23, 2022 | Washington, DC


    Defeat the Mandates. Jan 23, 2022 | Washington, DC

    We Want To Be Free.

    Free to work.
    Free to travel.
    Free to learn.
    Free to question.
    Free to speak.
    Free to pray.
    Free to say no.

    The Mandates Are Not American.

    Stop the mass firings.
    Stop segregating by vaccination status.
    Stop calling Americans “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice.

    We're Coming Home.

    Americans of every class and color.
    Democrats and Republicans.
    Vaccinated and unvaccinated.
    United we stand. In peace we march.

    The Plan

    Please arrive at the Washington Monument by 10:30am. We start marching together to the Lincoln Memorial (approximately 1 mile) at 11:30am. At 12:30pm a wide range of featured guests will be waiting. Recording artists, prominent doctors, journalists, pro athletes, actors and premier thought leaders will give a series of inspiring talks and musical performances.

    War Memorials – Moments of Silence & Prayer

    Participants are encouraged to pause near to the War Memorials along the route to remember those who have sacrificed lives and loved ones that America might be free. The memorials along the route are the World War II Memorial, D.C. War Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

    At noon, at the World War II Memorial, brief remarks by the StopVaxPassports.org Task Force co-chairs will be followed by prayer led by Save the Persecuted Christians.


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