• Strip McConnell of GOP Leadership

    Mitch McConnell has aided Chuck Schumer and the Democrats with their irresponsible and corrupt spending. No one could possibly know what is in the bills. Much of the bills are not even complete. It is a grab bag of gifts to lobbyists, special interests and cronies of all types.

    This also started the ball rolling on trillions of more dollars in crony spending. McConnell has aided and abetted the destruction of the US dollar and the economy. He has colluded with Democrats to turn America into a crony kleptocracy. He must go.

    Unfortunately, hoodwinked voters in Kentucky recently returned McConnell to Congress. But this does not mean that McConnell deserves to be the leader of the GOP in the Senate.

    Nineteen out of fifty GOP Senators voted with McConnell to pass the monstrous disaster disguised as an "Infrastructure" bill. It is time to strip him of his leadership role. If nineteen GOP Senators agree with him, then thirty-one Senators must do their duty and remove McConnell. There should be a majority of GOP Senators that will remove him from leadership. The time is now.

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