• Ron Paul's New Years Article

    Rough Times Ahead, But Liberty Can Still Win
    By Ron Paul - Dec. 31, 2018

    While Congress and the president fight over funding a border wall, they continue to ignore the coming economic tsunami caused by the approximately 22 trillion dollars (and rapidly increasing) federal debt. President Trump may not be troubled by the debt’s effect on the economy because he believes he will be out of office before it becomes a major problem. However, the crisis may come sooner than he, or most people in DC, expects.

    The constituency for limited government, while growing, is still far outnumbered by those wanting government to provide economic and personal security. From lower-income Americans who rely on food stamps, public housing, and other government programs, to middle-class Americans who live in homes they could not afford without assistance from federal agencies like Fannies Mae and Freddie Mac, to college students reliant on government-subsidized student loans, to senior citizens reliant on Social Security and Medicare, to billionaire CEOs whose companies rely on bailouts, subsidies, laws and regulations written to benefit politically-powerful businesses, and government contracts, most Americans are reliant on at least one federal program. Many programs are designed to force individuals to accept government aid. For example, it is almost impossible for a senior citizen to obtain health insurance outside of Medicare.

    The welfare state is fueled by the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies, which are also responsible for the boom-and-bust cycle that plagues our economy. The Federal Reserve’s policies do not just distort our economy, they also distort our values, as the Fed’s dollar depreciation causes individuals to forgo savings and hard work in favor of immediate gratification. This has helped create an explosion of business and individual debt. There has been a proliferation of bubbles, including in credit card debt, auto loans, and student loans. There is even a new housing bubble.

    An economy built on fiat currency and public and private debt is unsustainable. Eventually the bubbles will burst. The most likely outcome will be the rejection of the dollar’s world reserve currency status due to government debt and the Federal Reserve’s monetization of debt. When the bubbles pop, the result will be an economic crisis that will likely dwarf the Great Depression.

    The fall of the dollar and the accompanying economic downturn will make it impossible for the government to continue running up huge debts to finance a massive welfare-warfare state. Thus, Congress will be forced to raise taxes and cut benefits. Cowardly politicians will likely outsource the job of raising taxes and cutting benefits to the Federal Reserve. This will cause a dramatic increase in the most insidious of taxes: the inflation tax.

    As the Federal Reserve erodes the value of the dollar, thus reducing the value of both earned paychecks and government-provided welfare benefits, a large number of Americans who believe they are entitled to economic security will react by engaging in acts of violence. Politicians will use this violence to further crack down on civil liberties. The resulting economic and civil unrest will further the growth of authoritarian political movements.

    Fortunately, the liberty movement continues to grow. This movement counters the authoritarian lies with the truths of Austrian economics and the non-aggression principle. While the years ahead may be tough, if those of us who know the truth work hard to educate others, the cause of liberty can prevail.

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    Who will take care of security of our closest allies Israel, Saudi dictatorship etc if US troops left Iraq/Syria & the region ? Iraqi lawmakers demand U.S. troops withdraw after Trump's surprise visit President Donald Trump visited troops at the al-Asad Air Base on Christmas but failed to meet with Iraqi officials Dec. 27, 2018 / 7:09 AM EST By Associated Press BAGHDAD — Iraqi...

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    McCain just died!

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    Breaking news just now, John McCain died...

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    Barr hearing takes a potentially dangerous turn

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    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-21/federal-reserve-confesses-sole-responsibility-all-recessions Ok, lets explain this simply for everyone to be able to understand: - Honest Money = Free Market - Federal Reserve = Manipulated Controlled Distorted Market Honest Money frees men. Manipulated Money enslaves All of Mankind.

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    Ocasio-Cortez is in line to be appointed to the House Financial Services Committee

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    Ocasio-Cortez reportedly in line for banking post, and that could be bad news for Wall Street Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in line to be appointed to the House Financial Services Committee, according to a Politico report. The New York democratic socialist...

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    Central Bank balance sheets expanding again, same time as stocks went back up

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    CBs are back to buying via QE and even the FRB's already-ridiculously-slow-roll-off slowed a bit. The stock market bounce is purely coincidence, I'm sure, while the BOJ, ECB, PBOC and probably the FRB and others start buying again. They seem terrified to pull the curtain back and let the market show that it's all been QE fakery since 2008/09. ...

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    A drug company on Friday announced the recall of eight more lots of irbesartan blood pressure medication after testing revealed the drugs contained trace amounts of a carcinogen. Prinston Pharmaceuticals recalled one lot of irbesartan tablets and seven lots of irbesartan HCTZ tablets. The medication contained unacceptable levels of the probable carcinogen nitrosodiethylamine, or NDEA, the...

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    When Medicine Makes Patients Sicker ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Despite the jackhammer-like rhythm of a mechanical ventilator, Alicia Moreno had dozed off in a chair by her 1-year-old’s hospital bed, when a doctor woke her with some bad news: The common stool softener her son, Anderson, was given months earlier had been contaminated with the bacterium Burkholderia cepacia. Suddenly, Anderson’s rocky...

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    More: https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/425970-america-the-new-socialist-frontier

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    Was Martin Luther King, Jr. Even a Christian? His Doctoral Papers Say No

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    It’s that time of year again. Today, Americans “celebrate” the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday. Schools are closed. The mail won’t come. The obligatory hosannas have begun. And in 11 days, we’ll have Black History Month, which used to be called February, as the late columnist Sam Francis often quipped. Bad as it is to turn over a perfectly good month to an affirmation of ...

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    If Culture isn't Genetic and Preservation of Culture is the Goal...

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    Then adoption of non-white children by whites is the best possible method of cultural preservation. Is there a reason why there aren't any alt-right personalities advocating for this?

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    Execution of the Lincoln conspirators, 1865

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    Wall for 10,000,000 Americans

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    It is the 5% or 10 to 15 million Americans who buy drugs, support and house illegals migrants. Why build a $20 billion 2000 miles long and 30 feet high wall for 5% Americans who are the real criminals. I read that Hollywood people and Las Vegas are big buyers for drugs (cocaine etc....)

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    What ancient societies had Republics or Democracies?

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    Greece Rome Carthage (hat tip R3v) Any others? If you know of any ancient equivalents of the Bill of Rights list those as well.

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