• Help us cover the SupportThemNow Billboard expenses!

    We have had billboard space made available as an in-kind contribution to ALC PAC. (Chris Rye, the director of For Liberty.)

    We had a number of different design entries posted here.

    Here is the design that the billboard owner has chosen to print:

    Chipin here to get this giant Ron Paul billboard posted!

    We got an excellent deal on the printing at $1 per square foot. Other associated costs are hanging materials and electricity for the long winter nights.

    This billboard is a massive 48 feet by 18 feet!

    I know we have a lot of exhausted donors here. If you are tapped or saving for this moneybomb, then help spread this link to someone you know?

    Share on Facebook, Reddit, Wherever, so we can get this one wrapped up!

    Share with active military, share with Veterans, share with those who want to know how they can support the troops.

    Support them now by making Ron Paul the Republican nominee.

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