• Ron Paul: "Mr President, FIRE JEFF SESSIONS!"

    "Ordinarily, I do not volunteer too much advice to other people... but today I'm gonna break my own rules..."
    Mr. President: FIRE JEFF SESSIONS!

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    1. donnay's Avatar
      donnay -
      Agreed. He allows REAL criminals to walk freely.
    1. Working Poor's Avatar
      Working Poor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ron Paul View Post
      As with all of government’s wars against liberty, the so-called “Drug War” is almost universally recognized as a total failure. But, getting rid of government intrusion once it’s accepted is no easy task. We’re sitting on mountains of government failures that just don’t go away on their own. Fortunately, state-by-state, public pressure has produced wins for liberty in the "Drug War." Then there’s Jeff Sessions…It’s time for President Trump to use those two famous words from The Apprentice.


      Ron is really cranking out some video and written commentary we should all be finding these post and linking them up here so Ron can get more hits.

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