• Almost Half Of All TSA Employees Have Been Cited For Misconduct


    Almost half of all TSA employees have been cited for misconduct, and the citations have increased by almost 30 percent since 2013... It also appears that the TSA has been reducing the sanctions it has been giving out for this bad behavior.

    Throughout the U.S., the airport security group "has instead sought to treat the misconduct with 'more counseling and letters that explain why certain behaviors were not acceptable'," according to a report from the House Homeland Security Commission, titled "Misconduct at TSA Threatens the Security of the Flying Public". It found 1,206 instances of "neglect of duty", and also cited the case of an Oakland TSA officer who for two years helped smugglers slip more than 220 pounds of marijuana through airport security checkpoints, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    The newspaper adds that "The misconduct ranges from salacious (federal air marshals spending government money on hotel rooms for romps with prostitutes) to downright dangerous (an officer in Orlando taking bribes to smuggle Brazilian nationals through a checkpoint without questioning)." Their conclusion? "The TSA's job is to make airline passengers feel safer and, not incidentally, actually make us safer. It's failing on both."
    If the NSA wasnt the only alphabet soup agency that listened to us, they would have figured that out long ago!

    Make no mistake, the TSA is NOT there to keep you safe. It exists only to facilitate absolute control over your movement.

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    1. Ronin Truth's Avatar
      Ronin Truth -
      And the other half just probably hasn't got caught ..... yet.

      Bring back my America of the 1950's and 60's, including the air travel "rules".
    1. timosman's Avatar
      timosman -
      Quote Originally Posted by DamianTV View Post

      If the NSA wasnt the only alphabet soup agency that listened to us, they would have figured that out long ago!

      Make no mistake, the TSA is NOT there to keep you safe. It exists only to facilitate absolute control over your movement.
      Nah, it is a job program. People who work there are otherwise unemployable. Through TSA we gave them the opportunity to be a part of the money machine. It generates quite a revenue, just like bringing democracy to other countries. It proves we can implement the most stupid idea and turn it into a revenue generator. Just like selling $1 bills for 99˘.
    1. oyarde's Avatar
      oyarde -
      TSA needs abolished .
    1. euphemia's Avatar
      euphemia -
      The TSA really likes my husband--especially at LaGuardia and JFK.
    1. mingeem's Avatar
      mingeem -
      TSA employees doing their job as directed is misconduct against the customers of the airlines. I only wish more TSA employees would neglect their duties.
    1. Danke's Avatar
      Danke -
      Quote Originally Posted by euphemia View Post
      The TSA really likes my husband--especially at LaGuardia and JFK.
      Has he been to Denver?

      CBS4 Investigation: TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals

    1. timosman's Avatar
      timosman -
      "TSA agents can now feel the inside of passengers' thighs. I get more action going through airline security than I did all through high school." –Jimmy Kimmel
    1. bunklocoempire's Avatar
      bunklocoempire -
    1. bunklocoempire's Avatar
      bunklocoempire -
      No competition.

      No bottom line.

      Easily corruptible is the idea. Here's a "runners up award" for being part of our "solution". Your neighbor hates you, we give you money.

      Loyalty determined.
    1. Ronin Truth's Avatar
      Ronin Truth -
      How many of those cited for misconduct are still employed by the TSA?
    1. enhanced_deficit's Avatar
      enhanced_deficit -
      Saw this in evening news today:

      Published on Jul 24, 2016


    1. bunklocoempire's Avatar
      bunklocoempire -
      Bus bump

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