• "Rand Paul Bucks Leader McConnell, Endorses Marlin Stutzman"

    by MIKE FLYNN - 21 Apr 2016

    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is back on the national political stage, endorsing Indiana Rep. Marlin Stutzman in his primary fight for the state’s open Senate seat.

    The primary between Stutzman and fellow Rep. Todd Young (R-IN)56% is a high-profile contest between the conservative and establishment wings of the Republican party.

    “We cannot continue to elect politicians who will support the status quo,” Sen. Paul said in a statement. Calling Stutzman a “principled conservative,” Paul added, “[w]e need leaders who will fight to dismantle the power structure in Washington and return our government to the people.”


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    1. erowe1's Avatar
      erowe1 -
      Stutzman is definitely better than Young. I don't really like him. But since being in the House, he's been better than most. Young is a typical partisan hack.
    1. IndianaPolitico's Avatar
      IndianaPolitico -
      Stutzman is leaps and bounds better than Young. Young is perhaps the most pure 'politician' I have ever come across here in Indiana. Recently the attacks on Stutzman have escalated. For example, they accused him of using campaign funds on a family trip. In reality, he took his family with him on a campaign trip to California. That's like attacking Ron because he brought Carol and some of his grand kids with him to Iowa...
    1. CPUd's Avatar
      CPUd -
      Young is the type who will be nominated by the **********s who think they are "tearing down the system"
    1. georgiaboy's Avatar
      georgiaboy -
      this is why we can't have nice things. Reminds me of Brannon v. Tillis in NC.

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