• U.S. Senate Bill Seeks to Ban Effective Encryption, Making Security Illegal


    The anticipated Feinstein-Burr Compliance with Court Orders Act, an anti-security bill, would require the provision of data in an intelligible format to a government pursuant to a court order (scribd.com). A draft copy was uploaded by The Hill reporter Cory Bennett, though whether it has been submitted officially within the Senate is not yet clear (vice.com).

    This bill essentially says you can not have any conversation or data exchange that the government can not access if it wants to. It is the legal culmination of what the FBI has been lobbying Congress for years. If Feinstein-Burr becomes law, it will be illegal to deploy strong encryption without key escrow maintained by each company. Cryptographers and computer scientists near-unanimously assert key backup systems are insecure at scale.

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    1. ChristianAnarchist's Avatar
      ChristianAnarchist -
      Goons gonna goon encryption... (and encrypters)
    1. Son_of_Liberty90's Avatar
      Son_of_Liberty90 -
      I hope it dies in the senate.

      Here's a comment exchange I found interesting:

      Quote Originally Posted by Matt S View Post
      I think all of us Americans are beginning to understand who the REAL enemies are...they're the ones who want to know what we're talking, writing, and thinking about at every minute of every day. Keep on poking the sleeping bear, Congress, and you're gonna find out how hard we can bite.
      Quote Originally Posted by Murray View Post
      We will roll over like logs on a hill. There is very little spirit left in the American people.
      Quote Originally Posted by JPH View Post
      Didn't the UN state encryption is free speech already? Every company doing this will simply pack up and leave the US. Seriously, how stupid are the people running your country? I'm not talking about figureheads like the president... the people actually running your country - big business and legislative bodies.. Time to get some younger blood in there.
    1. presence's Avatar
      presence -
      banning cipher is synonymous with banning algebra

      epic example of banning things you don't even understand

      you can't ban encryption it just doesn't work that way
    1. phill4paul's Avatar
      phill4paul -
      would require the provision of data in an intelligible format to a government pursuant to a court order
      Well, then, nothing really to worry about.
    1. ChristianAnarchist's Avatar
      ChristianAnarchist -
      Quote Originally Posted by presence View Post
      banning cipher is synonymous with banning algebra

      epic example of banning things you don't even understand

      you can't ban encryption it just doesn't work that way
      True, but they're constantly "banning" different forms of speech and very few notice...
    1. Ronin Truth's Avatar
      Ronin Truth -
      So I guess the ineffective encryption is still OK to use. Whew, that was a close one.

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