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      by Published on 09-24-2014 12:50 PM
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      U.S.-Led Airstrikes Kill At Least 10 Civilians In Syria: Activists

      DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — President Bashar Assad said Tuesday he supports any international effort against terrorism, apparently trying to position his government on the side of the U.S.-led coalition conducting airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

      Assad's remarks came hours after the opening salvo in what the United States has warned will be a lengthy campaign to defeat the extremists who have seized control of a huge swath of territory spanning the Syria-Iraq border. Damascus said the U.S. informed it beforehand that the strikes were coming.

      One Syrian activist group reported that ...
      by Published on 09-24-2014 11:45 AM
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      Insightful piece for those of you that have been following the various fighting group parties in Iraq and Syria and left wondering why the U.S. considers the Kurds in Syria as a threat placing them on the U.S. terrorist list back in '97, and yet that same specific group were the ones helping to evacuate the Christian groups from Iraq into Syria during the whole ISIS threat build up. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions of the article, however the history and relations between the U.S., Turkey, Iraq, and Syria are interesting to know as background information.

      Why Does The U.S. Like Iraq's Kurds But Not Syria's?

      The U.S. has different ...
      by Published on 09-24-2014 10:39 AM

      FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets

      The FBI is preparing to accelerate the collection of DNA profiles for the government's massive new biometric identification database.

      Developers of portable DNA analysis machines have been invited to a Nov. 13 presentation to learn about the bureau's vision for incorporating their technology into the FBI's new database.

      So-called rapid DNA systems can draw up a profile in about 90 minutes.

      The Next Generation Identification system, or NGI, the successor to the FBI's criminal fingerprint database, is designed to quickly ID crooks through facial recognition, iris matching, tattoo cross-checks and vocal recordings, among other unique traits.

      But critics say aggregating DNA along with all this
      by Published on 09-24-2014 07:40 AM
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      Plan floated to strip committee slots from members who rebel during floor vote for speaker.

      September 19, 2014 House Republicans are quietly discussing a proposal that could fundamentally alter the way future speakers of the House are chosen, according to multiple GOP sources, with the objective of avoiding a repeat of John Boehner's embarrassing reelection vote in 2013.

      The rule tweak began as an informal discussion but has morphed into a concrete proposal that is beginning to circulate in the House. According to people briefed on it, any Republican who votes on the House floor in January against the conference's nominee for House speaker—that is, the candidate chosen by a majority of the House GOP during its closed-door ...
      by Published on 09-24-2014 05:30 AM

      Former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and conservative activist Ben Carson said there is a “strong” likelihood that you will see his name in the presidential primaries come 2016.

      “Unless the American people indicate in November that they like Big Government intervention in every part of their lives, I think the likelihood is strong,” Carson said Monday night on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” according to a show transcript, when asked about the chances of a presidential run.

      Carson, who was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President George W. Bush, said that he will be waiting for “a few more months” before making any definite decisions, and predicted that he will make a formal announcement in May of next year.

      “I think the chances are reasonably good of that happening,” Carson said. “I want to make sure that it’s clearly something my fellow Americans want me to do. And I’m also waiting to see what the results are in November, because if the people indicate that they truly do want a nation that is for, of and by the people, then I, along with I hope many other people, would be willing to give it everything we possibly have.”

      read more:
      by Published on 09-23-2014 07:06 PM

      Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the best political conference of the entire year, LPAC. Featured speakers included Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Mark Sanford, Raul Labrador, Ted Cruz, Paul Broun, Ken Cuccinelli, Julie Borowski, Don Huffines, Jack Hunter, Bill Kauffman, and dozens of others. I also got to see many behind the scenes happenings with Ron, and I even got to fly with him on our United Airlines flight from Houston. You can find nearly 600 photos from the entire conference HERE.

      I have to say this was probably the best event I've attended thus far, especially from an access stand point. There were a few things that I would have liked to have posted about publicly, but hopefully I've given a proper representation of the best liberty event of the entire year. If you have considered going to LPAC, but have never made actual plans, I highly suggest it! This was my fourth year attending LPAC, and I'm already looking forward to next year's conference as well.

      You can find more than 600 photos from the entire convention here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gagesk...7647964073305/
      by Published on 09-23-2014 06:00 PM

      The opposite of libertarian is authoritarian
      By Jack Hunter - September 23, 2014

      ...From its earliest days, the modern conservative movement has always emphasized liberty and fidelity to the Constitution. Barry Goldwater thought we should be extreme in our defense of liberty. Ronald Reagan believed that where “government expands, liberty contracts.”

      Conservatives have also believed it is the job of government to defend the nation and protect citizens. In this balance between liberty and security, conservatives have traditionally erred on the side of liberty.
      The opposite of libertarianism can be fairly described as authoritarianism. If a preference for liberty over authority (government) is what defines libertarians, it is not unreasonable to say that those who prefer authority to liberty have an authoritarian bent. Authoritarianism, like libertarianism, exists on the left and right.
      Concerning ISIS, libertarians (whether they believe military action should be taken or not) all agree that the president must follow the Constitution in declaring war by consulting Congress. Authoritarians do not believe this, preferring a strong executive that governs beyond constitutional limits. The same dynamic extends to debates over the Fourth Amendment and due process, where libertarians have gone to great lengths to remind everyone of constitutional parameters and authoritarians have insisted there aren’t any.

      When we learned that the National Security Agency had been spying on every Americans’ private information, libertarians cried foul. Authoritarians defended the NSA without reservation or hesitance. For libertarians, Edward Snowden did Americans a service despite breaking the law. For authoritarians, Snowden was the equivalent of a terrorist who undermined the integrity of the federal government...
      by Published on 09-23-2014 04:55 PM

      Going to war is a decision too important to be left to the President
      By W. James Antle III - September 23, 2014

      “War is too important to be left to the generals.” This is a paraphrase of a quote attributed to the French statesman Georges Clemenceau.

      The Founding Fathers certainly thought war was too important to be left to the president.

      “The constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it,” wrote James Madison, frequently called the Father of the Constitution. “It has accordingly with studied care vested the question of war in the Legislature.”

      Despite the plain language of the Constitution, many today argue that presidential wars are perfectly permissible. In fact, they ridicule the very idea that anyone who isn’t a judge should be concerned about what is constitutional at all.
      Should a lawmaker simply defer all constitutional questions to the judiciary?...
      by Published on 09-23-2014 03:50 PM

      Back to Failure in Iraq
      By Peter Van Buren • September 23, 2014

      The Sons of Iraq

      Sometimes, when I turn on the TV these days, the sense of seeing once again places in Iraq I’d been overwhelms me. After 22 years as a diplomat with the Department of State, I spent 12 long months in Iraq in 2009-2010 as part of the American occupation. My role was to lead two teams in “reconstructing” the nation. In practice, that meant paying for schools that would never be completed, setting up pastry shops on streets without water or electricity, and conducting endless propaganda events on Washington-generated themes of the week (“small business,” “women’s empowerment,” “democracy building.”)

      We even organized awkward soccer matches, where American taxpayer money was used to coerce reluctant Sunni teams into facing off against hesitant Shia ones in hopes that, somehow, the chaos created by the American invasion could be ameliorated on the playing field. In an afternoon, we definitively failed to reconcile the millennium-old Sunni-Shia divide we had sparked into ethnic-cleansing-style life in 2003-2004, even if the score was carefully stage managed into a tie by the 82nd Airborne soldiers with whom I worked...

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