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  1. Omnibus Spending Package Passes Senate 56-35

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    Vote just happened. I'll look for the roll-call vote once it comes up.
  2. Trust

  3. The Consititution, Government & Trolls

    There are so many opinions on the world stage that it is hard to decipher truth from propaganda. But there are types of propaganda that are hard to tell from the truth. We see the outright lies and agenda promoting of the mainstream media and, for those that are "awake", it is a sickening experience to even have such running in the background while surfing the net for truth.

    The more difficult propaganda to sift out as such is that which agrees mostly with our point of ...
  4. Just Following Orders.

    When a man claims to be 'just following orders' - he loses a major piece of what makes him a human being. He sheds his humanity because instead of being an individual capable of wisdom, sound moral judgement and/or rational thought, he becomes nothing more than the extension of another man's will. When this happens, he is no longer a thinking man - he becomes simply a tool to be used. Like a machine following a program. Or like a wrench to a nut. The wrench does not think or feel, it is simply used, ...
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  5. On the 'Zeitgeist Movement' and a 'Resource Based Economy'.

    This is from an old forum debate with a Zeitgeister in regards to TZM and an RBE.

    Prior to my current career as a Banker, I was actually a certified computer technician. Quite a difference in career choices, I know. I still harbor my passion for technology, I always will, and have the strong desire to get back into the industry... ...

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