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  1. Adventures in "democracy": an index of threads

    "'Our democracy' is always code for 'our hegemony'." -- Michael Malice

    With the Colorado supreme court's (self-stayed) decision to exclude Donald Trump from the state's Republican primary ballot, the war for "muh democracy" has begun in earnest. There were hints and intimations of what was to come - and now, those rumblings have begun to bear fruit. News of the Colorado decision was followed by a cascade of other similar decisions, announcements, etc. from around ...

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  2. Gene Jabs are Jeme Jabs are Je

  3. Trump indictments: index of threads

    Trump indictments & related items/threads
    (in chronological order)
    1. THREAD: Stormy Daniels hush money [Manhattan NYC]

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  4. Mises University: index of threads

    Mises University threads [by year]
    (live streams / videos / audio / etc.)

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  5. The Twitter Files: index of posts

    For reference purposes, links to posts at RPFs for each of the various so-called "Twitter Files" releases are provided here (see POSTS below). Each such post will collect the following:

    • screenshot images of the corresponding "Twitter Files" thread (with links to the original thread at Twitter)
      [NOTE: These will be enclosed in "Show/Hide" boxes to save space.]
    • links to off-site compilations of the corresponding "Twitter Files"

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    Tags: censorship
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