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  1. Comrade SwordShill

    [QUOTE=PierzStyx;6838727][QUOTE=PAF;6838633]Oh, SwordShill! You have convinced me and I have just now had a change of heart! Rather than to rally a few thousand gun-toters to [B]inform[/B] those crooked bureaucrats that they can't and won't muck with us and the 2nd Amendment, we are instead going to ask them to pretty please write up some nice legislation that we can all compromise on! And then everything will be daffodils and roses!

    You are so smart! Thank you![/QUOTE]
  2. 16 Marines arrested on charges ranging from human smuggling to drugs, officials say

    [QUOTE=PierzStyx;6834861][QUOTE=Swordsmyth;6834856]That isn't what we will create.

    Your commie buddies will create a police state, your support of it makes you a traitor to the Constitution, liberty, and basic humanity.[/QUOTE]

    Yep. I'm an anarchist who hates all forms of centralized states- you know the very opposite of Communism- so somehow that makes me a Communist. While you champion the murder of innocent people engaging in free market exchanges of goods and services ...
  3. Will you still support Justin as an Independent?

    Quote Originally Posted by nikcers View Post
    If you look at 1984 and brave New world as a template for how you want the country to be than by all means don't support Trump. Both of those authors invisioned an America that is post capitalism. I am going to support whatever candidate that rejects socialism and has a chance at winning, right now that happens to be Trump. I didn't put myself in this corner but I will fight to bone to keep the socialists from taking over.
    "I will fight the socialist from taking over by supporting ...
  4. What It Means To Be Rich

    [QUOTE=PierzStyx;6800489][QUOTE=Superfluous Man;6800430]Yeah, I'm sure that Amash would vote yes on a bill to ban manufacturing in the US.[/QUOTE]

    Obviously he wouldn't. It amazes me how much these people want to trap America in the Industrial Age though. If they were around in the 1800s they would've opposed farming technology because it put field workers out of a job and have fought against Edison because they were afraid the light bulb would destroy the work of candle-making market. ...
  5. Bestest picture thread evaar! (The trilogy)

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