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  1. Grand Strategy: How Ron Paul Can (Still) Win the Nomination

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    [LIST][*]Introduction[*]The Importance[*]The Opportunity[*]The Path to Victory[*]Case Study - California[*]The Proposal[*]Why Your Support Matters[/LIST]


    For the past two months I have spent 40+ hours per week organizing the California grassroots for Ron Paul, while also obsessively studying the GOP primary.

    Recently I have identified what I think to be the most likely path to victory ...
  2. Republican Candidate Comparison Flyer

  3. Ron Paul's Percentage of the Vote by Region

    Ron Paul's Percentage of the Vote by Region

    As states vote, I'll update this post.

    Ron Paul tends to do better in caucus states than primary states. Most of the caucus states are in the Midwest, Mountain West and Pacific Northwest. The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast average is shown including and excluding VA.

    Want me to add a region? Tell me the name of the region and the states inside the region. See an error? Let me know.

    Currently, the strongest ...

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  4. The Single Tax - Land Value Tax (LVT)

    The cause of the 1929 & 2008 crashes was over speculation in land because the gains were tax free. Debt after debt was poured into land. Land is unique being one of the factors of production of economics. It was treated likes it was a washing machine.

    If the gains from land were not tax free people would not borrow to pour debt after debt into land.

    Transcript, "based" on Fred Harrison with ...

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  5. Karen Kwiatkowski needs her own sub-forum

    She is a stand-out libertarian champion. She is running a campaign where she has a really huge chance of winning. She is endorsed by Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Adam Kokesh and many others. She has a really slick website:

    But most importantly, she has always been a huge support of Dr Paul. She has written tons of articles and some books on the great man. She spoke at the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the Whitehouse. She posts articles on her ...