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  1. Libertarian arguement for open borders

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    Ron: What the country does need, he said, is "a much better immigration service" fed by more resources. Not that he'd "vote for extra money." But he does, he told the crowd, have a plan.
    And what is his proposition for a "much better immigration service" exactly?

    The solution to really addressing the problem of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and the threat of cross-border terrorism is clear: remove the welfare magnet that attracts
  2. This Land Is Our Land

    Some people have questioned the connection between the recent NFL player protests and communism. They have referred to comments about cultural Marxism as nothing more than a "modern right-populist bogeyman", thus inferring there is no connection at all.

    To reach this conclusion, one would have to view the NFL protest in a vacuum, intentionally ignoring statements and positions that have been taken by some individuals involved in these NFL protests, and further, to ignore ...

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  3. Links To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part III



    Living in a State-Run World by Murray Rothbard
    May a Libertarian Take Money From the Government? by Walter Block
    Is there a Human Right to Medical Insurance by Walter Block
    Hobbes, Minarchism, and Anarchy by Stephen Krogh (short audio, 12 mins)
    Anarchy and Democracy by Stefan Molyneux (video)
    Taking Care of the Poor in a Free Society by Stefan Molyneux (video)
    Mises Panel Discussion ...
  4. Links To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part II

  5. LInks To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part I

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    That might make you equal to Krug IF you provided links to the people you claim can counter the arguments he linked to, go ahead enlighten us.
    Meh, Krug is weaksauce like you. This subject has been covered many times since '08. I sometimes forget y'all are n00bs here, sorry.

    This was complied by our friend Wesker back in 2011. You should have read it long ago. (other people like Conza have compiled lists too, I just can't find them ATM) ...
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