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  1. Rand got less than half the votes than Ron got

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    matt. you are banned for a bit. $#@! off you piece of $#@!.
    thank you <3
  2. My caucus speech for Rand Paul in Washoe County Nevada: Consistent Conservative

    Hi, my name is Ed Lee. My family moved from California to Nevada because we wanted more freedom to do whatever we wanted with our time and our money. Unfortunately, the federal government is so big and gets involved everywhere. They’re quite good at taking your money with income taxes and regulations. So today I’ll tell you about 3 aspects that I like about Rand Paul being a consistent conservative.

    Rand Paul likes to say that he wants a government so small you can barely see it. ...
  3. potato

  4. My New Pup!

  5. How to Circumvent the Average Voter?

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    Lets face it. The average voter does not get it, they will never get it. We have hoards of "Conservatives" backing Trump. This should show us how difficult it is to inspire these people with the message of liberty. Its as if they intentionally reject it over pride in their "party".
    Oh, it is FAR more sinister than that. They reject it in favor of pretty slavery. This is that form of servitude that provides one with enough of the things he wants such that he is ...
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