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  2. [Article] Overpopulation and the Right to Childbearing

    Originally Posted by Voluntarist
    Unrestricted and unfettered pregnancy is simply something that is incompatible with a welfare state. Until the welfare state is abolished, controls will have to be tolerated on what some people think of as rights.

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    I hope this was total sarcasm, given your name on these forums.
    I suspect ...
  3. To any and all Trump Supporters: Please read. H/T Groverblue

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    I'm leaning towards Trump simply because the establishment hates him. i won't vote for anymore establishment Republicans.
    Trump? Really? So you support eminent domain because it's wonderful? Or maybe you support restoring the PATRIOT Act to it's full glory? Or maybe you love waterboarding just as much as he does? Or maybe you too think that Snowden should be assassinated because NSA spying is a GREAT thing? Or maybe you call people names and mock disabled people like a third
  4. Trump: "You won't see another black president for generations" because Obama was so bad

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    His enemies don't have the slightest understanding of what he's all about
    ...neither do his supporters.

    For instance, they think he's tough on immigration.

    Trump opposed Romney's self-deportation plan, said it was unfair to immigrants (link):

    Trump Hammers Romney's 'Crazy' Immigration Suggestion

    The now-infamous 'self-deportation' policy proposal
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