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    Originally Posted by Feeding the Abscess
    Why, Jim? You were saying Romneycare should be taken nationally just a few short years ago:
    The sooner schmucks like DeMint are shown the door, the better.
    I am proud to respond to this sad criticism of a man who has done so much for the movement:

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    This is going to be a little long of a response, so I'm going to summarize what I am about to say in three words: JIM DEMINT ROCKS!!!

    I love the liberty
  2. STOCKMAN: Arrest Holder Now

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaAvenger View Post
    GO STEVE STOCKMAN!!! ELECT HIM FOR TEXAS Congressional District 36!
  3. The complete list of Ron Paul Endorsements from Elected Officials

    Thank you to all of the elected officials who endorsed Ron Paul! Interesting fact, over 40% of all of the US and state legislators who endorsed Ron Paul are New Hampshire legislators. Maine had the 2nd highest number of legislators to endorse Ron Paul. Odd fact, the only 3 legislators to endorse Gary Johnson were all New Hampshire legislators. See the complete list of Ron Paul endorsements by elected officials below.

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    Ron Paul Endorsements from Elected Officials
    As of May
  4. Chief Justice John Roberts was wrong to uphold Obamacare

    The verdict is in. The Supreme Court has upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which narrowly passed Congress in a purely partisan effort. The swing vote on the Court, and thus the decision, lay with Chief Justice John Roberts.

    In the decision, Chief Justice Roberts ruled the law to be Constitutional if the individual mandate portion of the law was interpreted and characterized as a tax, rather than as a penalty. This opinion in and of itself is questionable, as this ...

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  5. NH passes "Fully Informed Jury" law

    After well over a decade of work, New Hampshire finally passed a fully informed jury reform bill.
    Jump to the 2:00 mark in the video to see the report about the fully informed jury bill in New Hampshire.

    Technically, according to the legal experts, New Hampshire law not only allows for jury nullification but it informs juries about their ability to exercise jury nullification. Judges in NH say something like, “If the prosecution ...