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  1. Israel and the American Elections

  2. Freedom Watch Finished But Here's Your Guide To Libertarian Media

  3. Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared

    I'll update the list after the results for every state election are announced. Eventually, I'll create a new blog post with the completed information.

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary or Republican Caucus, ranked highest to lowest:
    1. New Hampshire 4.3%
    2. South Carolina 1.7%
    3. Michigan 1.2%
    4. Iowa 0.9%
    5. Florida ...

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  4. Why the 17th Amendment Should be Repealed

    Quote Originally Posted by logikal View Post
    I wrote this primer on the 17th amendment and why we should repeal it. Share it with anyone that needs convincing.
    Why the 17th Amendment is Bad and Should be Repealed

    Posted by Ivan Castle on 02-09-2012 | 1 comment

    Before 1914, senators were not directly elected by the people. They were appointed by the state legislatures. The 17th amendment changed ...
  5. Following the Constitution Is a Revolutionary Idea.

    What is the proper role of a government in a civilized society?

    A court system should arbitrate disputes and punish destruction of property and life. A police force should enforce these decisions. Lastly, an army should protect life and liberty if necessary from nation state aggressors. Many of these things do not necessarily have to be done by employees of the state. Some of them could be performed by private industry, such as arbitrators and security companies, but if the role ...