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  1. Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared - April Edition

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared - April Edition

    I first blogged about this in February. This is the April Edition. I'll blog about this again in June.

    There is also a forum thread here,

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary or Republican Caucus, ranked highest ...
  2. Never pay shipping at Amazon

    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
    Filling Station

    How To Ensure You Always Get Free Shipping On Amazon

    Amazon’s offer of free shipping is a blessing and a burden. They’ll send your items at no extra cost, yes, but your basket of goods has to reach a certain price before you qualify.

    And there’s nothing more annoying than being $1.29 short and buying a $15 DVD out of frustration to round out your order.

    Moments like that one call for Amazon
  3. Reality Check: Is the U.S. Military Conducting An "Information Blackout" For Massacre


    Ben is such a badass[/QUOTE]
  4. Vote up Ron Paul endorsing politicians

    Let's reward the politicians that endorsed Ron Paul by voting them up! is a site where you rate elected officials.

    These people put their neck on the line by supporting Ron Paul. Some of them like Sen. Rand Paul and state Sen. Jim Forsythe campaigned for Ron Paul in multiple states. Let's make a difference by giving something back to these politicians. Let it be known that the Ron Paul base has Ron Paul's back.

    States are listed by how many elected officials ...

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  5. Public School Indoctrination

    Quote Originally Posted by Travlyr View Post
    Stop with the authoritarian crap. If you are a public school teacher, then I'm asking you to stop. Stop drugging our boys with Ritalin. Stop with the sit-down, shut-up, and listen curriculum. Stop with the, "When the bell rings you go somewhere else and hurry" stuff. Stop with the, "if you don't obey authority then you are in trouble mantra." Stop. Please stop. Stop with the prison is good mentality. Stop teaching fear.

    Plants are plants. Hemp is a good plant.