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  1. "Shelter in place" becomes martial law

    We have all witnessed hours of media discussion revolving around the Boston terrorists and the subsequent manhunt, but there is one aspect of the manhunt that has received little attention. It is the use of the “shelter in place” protocol. First of all, let's review the intent and definition of “shelter in place” warnings.

    Per the Red Cross:

    One of the instructions you may be given in an emergency where hazardous materials may have been released into the atmosphere

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  2. The Fraud That Is "The State"

    Quote Originally Posted by economics102 View Post
    I had never heard the argument about how the state cannot legitimately claim ownership of all the land. Very interesting.

    Actually, that part is a pretty glaring error in the conceptual structure of the video because there is no such thing as "the state" per se. Given this, the issue becomes even more pointed. If there is no such thing as the state then who, exactly, is claiming ownership of... well, anything to which the "state" label is applied? What does "state

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  3. Right to Bear Arms vs Militia vs Standing Army

    Today I responded to the post referenced immediately below. I was going to pass on it as it seemed to be just another of the worn out RKBA threads. But something got in me and I said, "oh what the hell, what is one more response in a sea of millions?"

    I have been arguing RKBA issues for at least 30 years, all the while casting about to tune my understanding of the issues in question that I might be better equipped to argue against the violations that are put upon us with ...

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  4. Left, Right, up, down... they are all dangerously crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by kathy88 View Post
    [The extreme religious right] can't legislate morality.
    Said the blind man to his deaf daughter...

    They think they can and that makes them equally dangerous to those at the other end of the supposed spectrum. Do not fool yourselves into thinking that such people would not have your necks under their boots were they given the opportunity.

    Extremists of any flavor, whether religious or otherwise pose essentially equal threats to freedom and if liberty is to ...

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  5. Tom Wood's speech at the 2013 Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith and stuff View Post

    The above video is Tom Wood's Liberty Forum speech. I saw it on the NHforLiberty blog. Below is the blog post without all of the links. Click on the link below to see the blog post as the author originally intended it.
    Tom Woods Full Keynote Speech at Liberty Forum 2013
    Posted on April 1, 2013

    Tom Woods discusses Nullification