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  1. 129 of the 160 New Hampshire Pro-liberty Candidates Made it Past the NH Primary

    Approximately 129 of the 160 New Hampshire pro-liberty candidates made it past the September 11th New Hampshire Primary. The 129 candidates will be on the November 6th New Hampshire ballot.


    7 of the 10 candidates for New Hampshire Senate made it past the primary. 114 of the 137 pro-liberty candidates for New Hampshire House made it past the primary. While all of the New Hampshire Senate candidates are Republicans, pro-liberty New Hampshire House candidates ...

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  2. Layman response to property rights and corp. pollutors.. any?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Xar
    I've read thru Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution and Ron Paul's stances etc...

    I am having a hard time creating a fluid, and succinct layman response to the ever popular question from others.. "What if a big corp near your land pollutes your water supply, and the big corporation has more money & power than the thing (govt. state/law etc..) that is suppose to enforce your rights?".

    Corporations are synthetic entities, existing in law only ...
  3. I Refuse to Employ a PC Filter

    Modern technological devices have revealed
    Truths that existed on ancient battlefields.
    Dehumanization—I will endeavor not to offend,
    We dehumanized in WWII—we did not pretend.

    Germans troops were Krauts—not Human entities,
    When you dehumanize—you just see an enemy.
    It was encouraged—but combat affects the brain,
    You’re affected to dehumanize or rendered insane.

    Political Correctness affects a misadjusted focus;
    To win—war
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  4. Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire candidates were successful in primary

    124 out of 145 of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire endorsed or recommended candidates successfully advanced past the September 11th New Hampshire Republican Primary.


    That means 86% of the RLCNH endorsed or recommended candidates were nominated as Republican candidates and will appear on a general election ballot on November 6th. The 124 candidates include 116 are candidates for state representative, 6 candidates for state senator ...
  5. The Consititution, Government & Trolls

    There are so many opinions on the world stage that it is hard to decipher truth from propaganda. But there are types of propaganda that are hard to tell from the truth. We see the outright lies and agenda promoting of the mainstream media and, for those that are "awake", it is a sickening experience to even have such running in the background while surfing the net for truth.

    The more difficult propaganda to sift out as such is that which agrees mostly with our point of ...