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  1. Ron Paul vs. Ron Both Are in the Wrong

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    Ron Paul vs. Ron Both Are in the Wrong

    As you have probably heard by now, negotiations between Ron Paul and a fan site that owns the domain name has took a surprising and unfortunate turn. Naturally, Ron Paul, now retired from Congress and ready to move on to new projects, wants But the owners of have a long established website and demanded a steep price to give up their domain. Negotiations have apparently
  2. The Pros and Cons of Being Murdered by the President

  3. Ben Swann explains the 2nd Amendment and the history of gun control in the US

  4. "Jeremiah was a kook"- Prophets and Politicians

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnM View Post
    (Perceptive readers will note that the thread title bears a slight resemblance to the title of a one act play by Rothbard. This is entirely intentional. For just as the title of Rothbard's play gives little clue as to the content, so it is with the title of this thread.)

    For lo, this is yet another thread on the subject of the hour - namely "Rand".

    For I have been reflecting on the two Pauls. And it seems that there is a widespread perception among posters
  5. Rand Paul Responds to Ron: 'Chris Kyle Was a Hero'

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    Don't your own words make it an apt comparison?

    German soldiers were in a war, fought to win, and saved German lives. Like Kyle, they were just following orders.
    “The enemy? His sense of duty was no less than yours, I deem. You wonder what his name is, where he came from. And if he was really evil at heart. What lies or threats led him on this long march from home. If he would not rather have stayed there in peace. War will make corpses of us all.”