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  1. Police checkpoint activism New Hampshire style

    Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself and 100s of near-by motorists

    New Hampshire is 1 of those states where sobriety checkpoints are legal. All the police have to do is get the approve from a judge and then tell the media in a town that a checkpoint will happen in that town. The media then reports when the checkpoint ...

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  2. Id go for a girl whos a knitter.. tired of all those flakey, hipster, modern, cheesy type of women i wanna get something more basic now.
  3. Legislative pay cut? Impossible you say? Think again! CA, IL, NH

    Legislative pay cut, impossible you say, think again

    Could this be the start of a strange but wonderful trend? Congressman vote themselves pay raises all of the time. It is considered standard operating procedure. The same thing happens in most state legislatures. However, 3 states are trending in the other direction. New Hampshire, Illinois and California actually cut legislative ...

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  4. The 2011/12 session is over, how pro-liberty are the NH state Senators?

    I would love for people to do this for all 50 states. So far, it has only been done for 1 state, NH

    Senators ranked in order of how pro-liberty they are:
    1. James Forsythe (R District 4 Strafford) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A+
    2. Raymond White (R District 9 Bedford) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A
    3. Fenton Groen (R District 6 Rochester) A-
    3. Andy Sanborn (R District 7 Henniker) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A-
    5. Tom DeBlois (R District 18 Manchester) B+
    5. Chuck Morse ...
  5. Religious answers to why God allows pain in teh world.

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    1. Do you believe in free will? I do. In fact I believe God holds the free will of man of such respect that He will not force man to obey His will. Rather God calls man to Him, entices us to choose Him, pleads for us to obey Him, but ultimately leaves the issue of obedience to our choice. Part of the main purpose of life is to experience the challenges of Earth life, to experience good form evil, and to learn to choose good from evil, to choose Him, Our Father, and to turn away form sin. But in