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  1. It's about Addition, not Subtraction

    It's about Addition, not Subtraction: How the Liberty Movement becomes the premier political force in America

    If we're going to be successful we have to start changing our mentality here. It's about Addition not Subtraction. It's about Inclusion not Exclusion.

    Addition: Increasing our numbers of liberty candidates at all levels, in all states.

    Inclusion: Start looking at the good in a liberty candidate instead of focusing on micro-differences. Our first ...
  2. FLASHBACK: Ron Paul: 21% (Iowa), 23% (New Hampshire), 13% (S.C)

    The GOP must learn to play fair. This is what happens when you say there is a big tent and than act in ways to shrink the tent.
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  3. New Hampshire Liberty Voting Guide: County by County Recommendations

    Here is a county by county voting guide for New Hampshire. Please share this info with everyone you know in New Hampshire.

    County by County Recommendations: Click on a county to see the recommendations
    Belknap County
    Carroll County
    Cheshire County
    Coos County
    Grafton County
    Hillsborough County
    Merrimack County
    Rockingham County
    Strafford County
    Sullivan County

    Other New Hampshire Voting Recommendations: ...
  4. Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Judge Nap at the Mises Summit [Videos]

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    No youtube yet of Paul's speech but here's the MP3

    Reflections on the Loss of Liberty | Andrew P. Napolitano

    How Murray Rothbard Changed my Mind on War | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
  5. very good quotes :)

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    Well they had slaves didn't they?

    If you think free thinkers weren't persecuted by christians in this country I should point you to the history of Salem.

    Most of the founders were secularists even though most were Christians. It's possible to be both.

    Thomas Pain himself was at the very least an agnostic.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote his own heretical version of the bible.

    "The hocus-pocus phantasm of a God like another Cerberus, with