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  1. What will be the end game for the Federal Reserve?

    The paper money dollar experiment of the last 41 years has reached an unsolvable impasse. Since 1971, when Nixon defaulted on the dollars convertibility into gold there has been no restraint whatsoever on the Federal Reserve's ability to finance the U.S. government's boondoggle spending programs both foreign and domestic.

    The government doesn't have to rely on tax receipts any more. It simply issues bonds to borrow the money. The Federal Reserve ensures those bonds are always bought, ...

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  2. The Most Important Race in Kentucky! Help Chris Hightower hit $10,000 for September!

    Chris Hightower is standing tall after winning his primary for state rep in the KY’s 16th District, despite the establishment opposing him. Although he faces an incumbent, the general election is very winnable, as it was held by a Republican until he retired in 2008. Senator Rand Paul is doing his part and recently held a fundraiser for Chris, where he related a story about how in the early days of 2009, when he started running for Senate, and thought he had no chance of winning, he would find Chris ...
  3. Amazing inspirational success story: The Goffstown 6

    Here is an amazing inspirational political success story.

    New Hampshire Primary Success: The Goffstown 6

    9 Republicans ran for the Republican nomination to the New Hampshire House in Goffstown on September 11th. 6 of the Republican candidates were pro-liberty candidates. 6 of the candidates were labeled pro-liberty by New Hampshire Freedom. Heck, even the controversial Speak of the New Hampshire House endorsed the 6 candidates. ...
  4. Another Undeclared Humanitarian War...?

    The ought to be a furor vis-à-vis humanitarian—
    As an adjective before war—it defies Reason.
    I’m sorry—only an idiot says “humanitarian war;”
    I say—if war is humane—humanity is no more!

    Now—Mr. Netanyahu is mincing his words re frustration—
    With US ME policy—Uh oh—Iranian confrontation...?
    Will Mr. Obama seek Congressional authorization...?
    Or will he act unilaterally—and attack the Iranians...?
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  5. 129 of the 160 New Hampshire Pro-liberty Candidates Made it Past the NH Primary

    Approximately 129 of the 160 New Hampshire pro-liberty candidates made it past the September 11th New Hampshire Primary. The 129 candidates will be on the November 6th New Hampshire ballot.


    7 of the 10 candidates for New Hampshire Senate made it past the primary. 114 of the 137 pro-liberty candidates for New Hampshire House made it past the primary. While all of the New Hampshire Senate candidates are Republicans, pro-liberty New Hampshire House candidates ...

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