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  1. Sound Familiar? British Response to Declaration of Independence

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    When the Colonies declared themselves free from Great Britain, The King and his Agents offered several responses to the Unanimous Declaration. Read through these and see if they sound familiar to you. If a certain politically-aligned group of people TODAY declared themselves FREE from the overbearing Federal Government, do you think that Obama and his ilk would respond the same way? Comments after each:

    "Representatives of King George III: Howe Brothers:

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  2. What New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare

    What New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare

    Calendar of ObamaCare related events in New Hampshire; what New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare.

    The calendar of events is after the jump but here is a quick summary. Over the 2011-2012 legislative session, 10 bills designed to limit or stop ObamaCare were debated in NH. 5 of the bills passed. NH rejected the United States Department of Health and Human Services grants for researching and creating an ObamaCare related exchange ...
  3. Free Speech Anonymity On The Internet Being Destroyed

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    People are confused if they think there has been any reasonable anonymity on the Internet - ever - without going through some extra routes. Everyone who connects with a modem, DSL, cable, satellite, etc is a known entity and can be tracked. Yes there are services like Tor, VPNs, proxies that hide but it's not an out of the box solution.

    As to websites tying in to facebook it's not a conspiracy theory. I'm a developer, getting people to visit your site more frequently means having
  4. Comprehensive list of Mitt Romney positions

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    19xx-19xx Bain Capital
    1994 - Unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate
    2003-2007 Governor of Massachusetts from

    1991 - Received a $10 Million Bailout at Bain Capital.
    2011 - Supports NDAA
    Supports E-Verify National ID Card
    Opposed to medical marijuana
    Signed Assault Weapon Ban
    Supports Global Warming
    Received bailouts at Bain Capital
    2008 - Supported $700 Billion TARP
  5. How M.S.G. (Monosodium Glutamate) is Hidden in Your Foods and its Antidote, Taurine

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    Taurine Protects Heart, Eyes and Improves glucose tolerance

    Amino acids are the components of proteins. These amino acids are strung together like the links on a chain, where they form the proteins that make our bodies work properly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, amino acids that perform their function individually, not as components of proteins.