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  1. Epic Video: Obama called "war criminal" & "hypocrite of the century" in Irish Parliament

    Rising of the Moon... all over again in Ireland as hypocricy of neoconservatives' plant Obama is exposed by a not-so-timid Irish woman.

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    This woman has BALLS.

  2. Good stretch for karate warmup

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    I'm going to add that pose to my pre-karate stretching routine.
  3. Video: Libertopia, a documentary about finding freedom is now FREE online

    Libertopia, a documentary about finding freedom
    The official website

    Our Story
    Whether you agree with their politics or not, one thing that can be said about the individuals featured in Libertopia ---- They are motivated. They don't just sit around and complain ---- They take action. When things don't go according to plan, they don't see failure ---- Only temporary setbacks.

    In a lot of ways, their journeys were mirrored
  4. Preparing for the US As Failed State

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    Here's an idea in development. I wrote it up at the request of a minister and the first deployment will most likely be among an evangelical congregation that is concerned about the US becoming a failed state.

    Re-localization through technological advances in manufacturing (such as 3D printing), energy product (such as cold fusion) and education (such as Internet academies) will create a demand for correspondingly relocalized monetary, property rights and military systems.
  5. Expanding the World's Nations from 200 to 350+

    All independence movements mentioned here: 174 new nations

    Disclaimer - the vast majority of these independence movements are completely speculative or unlikely to occur. However, most nations that around today were equally unlikely and just because a nation has not been independent in 1000 years does not preclude it coming into being again, as we see with Kosovo.
    Disclaimer - some new movements for independence are not yet included

    The most likely nation to ...