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  1. Senate Passes $631 Billion Military Spending Bill 98-0

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    The bill contained the Lee-Feinstein amendment which protects the 6th amendment for Americans, and it contains an amendment calling for a transition out of Afghanistan. Had Rand voted against this bill, he would in effect be voting against passing a bill that contains two important amendments that he fought for.
  2. Saying No to College

  3. $80 Million Heist

    Judge Says 10 Rare Gold Coins Worth $80 Million Belong to Uncle Sam

    The coin is a thing of the realm. It doesn't belong to the head, although the head utilizes it. The coin belongs to the body. It comes from the body, as the body is what produces and defines it's value. Governments may think they can regulate value, but that notion is based on the absurdity that the ...

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  4. FACT: The United States actually voted for 'Nobody' in 2012

    FACT: The United States voted 'NOBODY, 2012'

    In *2011* the *voting age population* of the USA was 237,657,645. It's obviously even more in 2012.

    61,173,739 voted for Obama.
    58,167,260 voted for Romney.

    That is 119,340,999 out of a total voting age population of 237,657,645.

    That means that *more than half* of the population voted for *NOBODY*. Approximately 24.4% of the voting age population voted for Romney. Approximately 25.7% ...

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