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  1. October 15th Andy Sanborn for NH Senate Money Bomb & other info


    You remember NH Senator Andy Sanborn, right? He was a co-chair of Ron Paul's New Hampshire campaign. Ron Paul's Liberty PAC believes strongly and donated to Andy's reelection campaign. However, the state Senate district only leans slightly Republican and Andy's opponent is promising to vote the way his liberal lawyers want him to if they donate large amounts of money to his campaign. Because of his, Andy's liberal opponent has raised an unusually large ...

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  2. Ron Paul Sen. Jim Forsythe Endorses Robert Boyle for NH House

    Jim Forsythe, New Hampshire State Senator and co-chair of the NH Ron Paul Campaign, endorsed Robert Boyle for the New Hampshire House. Senator Forsythe both endorsed Ron Paul and was endorsed by Ron Paul. AFAIK, this is the 3rd endorsement by Sen Forsythe this campaign season. Sen. Forsythe previously endorsed 2 NH Senate candidates including Andy Sanborn. BTW, this is the same Robert Boyle I wrote a blog post about because of his very unique sign wave technique.

    Like Robert Boyle's ...
  3. Explaining the Liberty Scale to measure candidates

    I love the liberty scale because you sort of know what you're getting. It's also a prudent approach looking towards the future by not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    ★★★★★ - Green Five stars is essentially Ron Paul incarnate. So good you have to slap yourself silly to believe this person really exists!

    ★★★★★ - Five stars you're getting someone that agrees with us 99.9% of the time and will be one of the best House or ...
  4. Jury Nullification is in the news again in New Hampshire!

    Some people were wondering if jury nullification would be a common argument in New Hampshire. Other people were wondering about a bill saying judges have to inform a jury of their rights. This post answers both of those questions in a positive way!

    Jury Nullification is in the news again in New Hampshire
    October 3, 2012

    You had to know this was coming,
  5. Inflation: The Invisible Tax (Explained)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bastiat's The Law View Post
    Let's see what you guys make of my numbers.


    Median Family Income $5,600

    Purchasing Power of $5,600 income in 2012 dollars = $139,924.73

    Median Male Income $4,100

    Purchasing Power of $4,100 income in 2012 dollars = $102,444.89

    Median Female Income $1,300

    Purchasing Power of $1,300 income in 2012 dollars = $32,482.52

    Full Time Employed Male $5,400

    Purchasing Power