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  1. Anybody experienced at writing business plans for funding?

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    I PM'd you back when you brought this up in S&T. Never heard back.

    I see you are 30 min out from Raleigh and probably a bit further for Durham, because of the roads.
    Consider consulting. I see Aerotek has an office in Raleigh and they have always been good to me. Try them.
    If you have previously held good level clearances, there are a handful of consulting firms that specialize in this type of work.
    As you are a former
  2. Trust

  3. The Spirit of Liberty

  4. ebook: Samuel Edward Konkin III — An Agorist Primer

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    Ideas evolve and grow. At some point, an idea con-
    nects with so many other concepts that it becomes
    central to a way of thinking — an ideology.
    At some state of an ideology’s life, between its
    birth and death, it reaches a level of maturity such
    that someone is motivated to divert his efforts from
    expanding it outward and upward and begins to
  5. Iraq/Afghanistan wars disabled 624,000 US troops , Divorces up 42%, Foreclosures up 217%

    among militray families and communities.

    High human cost on top of $Trillions debt for future generations from neocons blunders of using military force for spreading equality, freedom around the world using false WMD/freedom claims.

    Divorce Rate Among Afghanistan, Iraq War Vets Increases by 42 Percent

    January 2, 2012|4:29 pm
    The divorce rate among military couples has increased 42 percent throughout the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a recent study