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  1. The Common Denominator: Lack of Accountability

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    The Common Denominator: Lack of Accountability
    By Brian 4 Liberty - April 29, 2015

    (RPF) - The looting and destruction in Baltimore has riveted the nation to their televisions and the internet, engrossing us in another media circus that surpasses the Super Bowl and rivals presidential primaries. Like clockwork, we have the inevitable discussion of supposed causes, of hasty and dogmatic solutions, and the inevitable flood of special interests and charlatans who will seize the
  2. New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    While New Hampshire and New Jersey both have "New" in their names, the states couldn't be further apart politically.
  3. why we should all think about converting our Fiat currency to Gold One Gram at a time

    At the time of this writing the US Dollar is Strong against most world currencies one major factor is Greece and it`s debts to the EU. But what if the Russian Ruble was Soon to Be Backed by Gold?

    If that where to happen the US Dollar would be worth much less and in turn our every day purchasing power would diminish greatly. (The Russian government has been pursuing an increase of its gold reserves for some time now. Considering the continuing sanctions that get to the Ruble, Vladimir ...
  4. goo sig quote

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    I carry my man purse for fashion, not function.
  5. Gay activist: "I have come to indoctrinate your children and I'm not one bit sorry!"

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    If the people who are disturbed by their own latent desires would just do battle with their own latent desires, rather than deciding that those who share those desires and give in to them are the enemy, then libs like the one in the OP wouldn't have a leg to stand on. He wouldn't be discriminated against, and therefore there would be no problem to solve. And when he proposed this sort of radical solution to the non-problem, he would be laughed at, and the children wouldn't have to deal with the