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  1. A Step-by-Step, Logical, A Priori Refutation of Minarchism and 'Limited Government'. READ.

    Originally Posted by Arion45
    I think you missed the part that if a government is only there to protect life, liberty, and property and will not aggress against others that try to fill it's role then you have a voluntary society. In addition, this is not really a government anymore because it does not have the monopoly of force in a given geographical area. But if the government uses force to limit others from competing with it then, it is not longer only protecting life, liberty, and property ...

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  2. Bill Maher: His Analogy of Football/Socialism vs. Baseball/Capitalism

  3. A Synopsis On The Republican party of Arkansas


    The express purpose of these rules is to provide for the free and unhampered right of the individual electors of Arkansas to participate in the nomination of their choice.

    Party Objectives

    The Republican Party of Arkansas declares its objectives to be:

    1. The election of qualified Republican candidates to every public office, and

    2. The fulfillment of the needs of the citizens of Arkansas in a manner consistent ...
  4. The Gospel of Chaos: Freedom & Morality

    Chaos is life. Chaos is all the variables which makes us human. Without Chaos, we would function as typical unintelligent animals. However, what separates us from animals is our ability to ignore our instincts -- Chaos. Without Chaos, life would be robotic and meaningless. With Chaos, however, we move beyond the drudgery of animalism, the dehumanizing repression of government, and recognize freedom as THE fundamental necessity for a purposeful life.

    There is an unfortunate (and incorrect) ...

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    Anarcho-Fascism , ؎Philosophy
  5. Jesus, The Anti-Christ, and Politics (Is the New Testament a Anarchist Text?)