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  1. College Tuitition and Free Market Protection

  2. Ideas for Winning the Presidency

    Door-to-door has a big impact. By hanging fliers on doorknobs, we can hit entire neighborhoods in a day.

    Creating our own commercials: we can buy air time in Iowa and other early caucus states.

    Focus on caucus states: We did much better during this process ...
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  3. South Carolina pushes for seperate state currency! what do you all think of this?

  4. Evictionism, Abortion, and Privatizing Foster Care

  5. Military Industrial Complex "Hopes Blowback Comes"

    **Full Post with non-abriged version including links/pictures**


    Sadly, the man who answers Troy is not just anybody. His name is Francis J “Bing” West, and he has been in some prominent positions before. There are a lot of things to say about this man I am sure, but I would like to highlight this particular section from his Wikipedia biography.