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  1. Do We Want Obama to “Reorganize the Federal Government”?

    As Egyptians half a world away ponder what kind of government they want to live under, Americans must also ask themselves the same question in the wake of Barack Obama’s latest State of the Union Address. Although his salmon joke got a few (undeserved) laughs, few commented that it came just after President Obama “proposed a “major reorganization of the government.” Although he promised to make America “more competitive,” he provided few details about what this would mean. So, Americans must ask ...
  2. Mammoth Government is the New Normal

    In his 2011 State of the Union Address, Barack Obama gave himself five more years of trillion-dollar deficit spending, a $678 billion income tax hike, a Social Security tax increase, and the permanent extension of ObamaCare -- and he gave Republicans medical malpractice reform and a joke about a salmon.

    Since his inauguration, the president has gone on a two-year spending orgy unrivaled since the days of Lyndon Johnson or FDR. Faced with a national backlash against towering debt, ...
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  3. Tutition and High Prices

  4. Should We Consent to be Governed?

    by Spencer Morgan

    This seems like a simple and important question, especially at the close of a century tainted by so many acts of mass violence by governments against those who were, at the time, their own subjects. Yet this is a question that most people never ask. Perhaps the question seems fundamentally irrelevant because we all instinctively know ...
  5. Vote on PPP to poll New Mexico- for RP 2012!

    It really is important to go vote here and get New Mexico polled. PPP has been doing their polls in an interesting manner lately.

    Remember all of the buzz about Ron Paul running for Senate? While it appears that he will end up not pulling the trigger on that run, it did force the pundits to do something interesting: Dr. Paul was in the news. The blogosphere lit up with mentions of the good doctor possibly running for Senate and being a frontrunner. A strong performance like this, ...
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