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  1. lol @ Trump

    Donald Trump is so absurd. He really believes that China will be "the number 1 country" in 10 years during an interview today. I have to laugh at these fear mongers.
  2. Peter Schiff vs Robert Creamer: Stagnating Wages and the Distribution of Increased Product

    Alex Merced breaks down the arguments of Peter Schiff and Robert Creamer in their recent debate.

    The Actual Debate:

    Richard Wolfe Capitalism Hits the Fan:

    Deflation and Liberty by Jorg Guido Hulsmann:

    The Economics of Deflation: ...
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  3. The US Economy: A Ticking Time Bomb

  4. Dr. Judy Wood's Book: Where Did The Towers Go?

    Dr. Judy Wood’s book is finally out!

    Check it out here:

    This book is of vast importance - the most detailed and illustrative study of what happened to the WTC buildings - and a look at the nature and some of the possible history behind the technology which was used to turn more than 90% of those buildings to microspheric iron-rich dust.

    See what people are saying about the book here: ...
  5. Gold + Silver


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