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  1. The Staircase (video): A decision must be made . . .

    A blog with a little more information here.

    R3publicans are Restoring the Republic one step at a time . . .

    The journey begins with but a single step . . .

    A decision must be made!

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  2. End The Fed Viral Video Fundraiser

    Quote Originally Posted by jointhefightforfreedom View Post
    Ok guys, I think I have a great idea for the community and campaign.

    watch this (uk version)

    I want to do a video similar to the one above. Centering around the economy, Ending the Fed and Connecting to Ron Paul when he announces. IMO this video or one similar can educate the masses and target the issue most on people's mind, "The Economy".
    It gives a simple straight forward explanation and solution
  3. My sincerest apologies for inundating the blog page....

  4. If there is a way to upload images without creating a new blog post....

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