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  1. Ron Paul & voluntarists

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    Why do you call the minarchists - newer? While I believe the Constitution went too far, early America ... States organized under the Articles of Confederation are minarchy by design. Rothbard is 20th century.
    I like the thread title, it definitely does the thread better than, Ron Paul reconfirms he's a voluntarist.
  2. Worth & Doubt

    “Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either.
    People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.
    I have to contribute my potential to life; you have to contribute your potential to life.
    I have to discover my own being; You have to discover your own being.”

    Far to often in today's society we are struck by a need to prove our worth - our worth as a citizen, our worth as a mother or a father, our worth as a teacher, our

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  3. 2011 New Hampshire Liberty Related Bills Report

    Note: I updated this list by posting new information as comments. So the total is really
    Over 60 pro-liberty bills and 2 pro-liberty resolution passed in NH in 2011. 3 pro-liberty bills were vetoed by Governor Lynch.
    Liberty made substantial gains in New Hampshire this year!

    This report includes a partial selection of the list of pro-liberty bills, resolutions or constitutional amendments that at least passed either the New Hampshire House of Representatives or the ...

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  4. The Debt Ceiling Dog and Pony Show.

    By now most people are familiar with the theatrics going on in Washington surrounding the proposal to raise the debt ceiling. The Democrats led by President Obama are insisting it is necessary to raise the ceiling to avoid default. The Republicans are posing as opposition by holding meetings and speaking in platitudes about the need to reign in spending. No doubt a deal has already been agreed upon and the daily news updates only serve as an attempt to placate the disgruntled masses. The people ...
  5. Foreign Aid to Israel puts the U.S. deeper in debt and is bad Foreign Policy

    When the United States government gives foreign aid to any nation, it throws the concept of Fiscal Responsibility completely out the window.

    The U.S. is deeply in debt and must continually borrow money from nations such as China just to operate on a daily basis. Borrowing money to give away to foreign nations that do not pay into our national treasury is fiscally irresponsible. Borrowing money to give to Israel is a heavy burden on the American taxpayer and we simply can not afford ...