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  1. Paul Derangement Syndrome - Paulophobia

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    The irrationality with which Ron Paul's Republican detractors address his popularity is exposed and explored. I call this Paul Derangement Syndrome or Paulophobia.

    Paul Derangement Syndrome

    Jack Kerwick, Ph.D. | The New American
    30 September 2011

    Paul Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is a mental condition that,
  2. Effective Use of Twitter - aka - PLEASE USE YOUR ACCOUNT!

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    May I suggest tweeting about the EOQ push and other fundraising activity on the official twitter account, which has over 70,000 followers.
    If only 1% retweeted, (estimating an average of just 50 followers each) the message could go out to over 105,000 people.

    1% of 70,000 = 700*50 = 35000
    70000+35000 = 105000

    While this seems like a small and silly notion, it has potential to seriously impact the campaigns coffers.
    For instance if the above scenario
  3. Challenged neocon/liberal radio hosts about Ron Paul lately?

    My name is JT, I am the founder and webmaster over at the Ron Paul 2012 podcast.

    If you're familiar with the podcast, you know that I like to publish all kinds of Ron Paul related material, beyond just his speeches, interviews, and the like.

    I'd like to post some files of RP supporters who call in to their local or national hosts, and challenge their dismissal/blackout of Ron Paul for President. If you have already done so (and hopefully have done ...
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  4. A Brief History of the National Inflation Association (NIA)

    Many newcomers stumble across the NIA and are unaware that it is a pump 'n dump scam operation. Here is a brief history of the NIA.

    1999 - 2000: 15-year-old Jonathan Lebed uses the Internet to pump n' dump penny stocks he owns. Lebed was the only minor prosecuted by the SEC and settled with them with a $300k fine, keeping half a million for himself.

    Late 2007 - 2008: YouTube user "George4Title," aka RPF member "ghemmiger" (banned), who is ...
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  5. FREEDOM FEENS Podcast

    FREEDOM FEENS Podcast - Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadiís fun 'n' feisty weekly chat about Constitutional, libertarian and voluntaryist issues, abuse of authority by police, the War on Drugs, self-defense, States' Rights, Natural Rights, Austrian Economics, DIY art, low-budget filmmaking, digital recording, activism, punk rock, sex, hip-hop and more.

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