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  1. Vote for RON PAUL in the FOXNews poll!

  2. Why Ron Paul should run for president for the Libertarian Party

    Quote Originally Posted by torchbearer View Post
    libertarians came from the gop. they left during nixons big government/fake money administration.
    a group of guys who had given up on the gop.
    but not all libertarians left the gop. the party is as much the abolitionist party as it is the neocons party.
    we are taking the ship back.
    This is exactly the kind of wishful thinking that will not advance liberty in the long run. I suppose fantasy is fun sometimes, though.
  3. Natural Rights 101

    We need to recruit more people to our side. I hope this article I wrote (also on my blog) will be useful. Share it with as many as you wish.

    Critiques are welcome, btw.

    Rights are one of those terms that have been so abused that it is generally meaningless without qualification(s). Many people- politicians included- are quite fond of arbitrarily designating something as a right[1]. Unfortunately, this tends to be based

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  4. The Osama Death Photo

    The nation is divided over the Osama death pic. I’m sure eventually someone will come out with some inaccurate percentage of how many are in favor vs. how many are horrified. The real interesting numbers would be to see how many people who called Julian Assange a traitor for releasing documents, are now saying “It’s our right to see them!” vs. How many are saying “No, way I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to look”. Fact is, this is another great example of people wanting the government to take care of ...
  5. That wool over your eyes....isn't it itchy?

    It’s hard to know what to believe about the current spectacle that is overtaking the planet today. The whole saga is full of more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Don’t be a spoil sport you say? Okay, the “official” story: A week ago the Navy seals raided a compound in Pakistan, killing Americas most hated man, tested his body for DNA and then cut into the final moments of The Donald’s Apprentice show to make the announcement that Ding Dong the Dick is dead. To honor Muslim practice his body ...