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  1. The Creature from Johnny's Half Shell

    A review of a book by Charles Gasparino:
    Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street

    The Creature from Johnny's Half Shell

    Johnny's Half Shell is a popular gourmet restaurant located in Washington, DC. In June 2007, representatives of the Financial elite from New York were called to gather there for a secret meeting. It was a small affair, held in ...
  2. Gov. Jesse Ventura talks about Dr. Judy Wood's work on The Alex Jones Show | 5/10/2011

    Gov. Jesse Ventura talks about Dr. Judy Wood's work on The Alex Jones Show:
  3. Torture did not lead to information about Osama bin Laden's whereabouts

    Quote Originally Posted by devil21 View Post
    (Assume for a moment you believe the entire OBL assassination story)

    I heard Pawlenty's claims at the May 5 debate that torture led to OBL's whereabouts. I see neo-cons claiming this as if it is true now. It is NOT true! Several reliable sources have claimed that torture played no part in him being located, and more claim it hindered the search. Please don't let people continue to push the meme that torture had anything to do with the recent OBL events.

    Experts say
  4. The Federal Reserve Enables Big Government.

    End the Federal Reserve and you will end out of control government spending.

    Currently the U.S. government spends $1.5 trillion more than in collects in taxes. It must borrow this money. In a free market this additional amount of borrowing would drive interest rates higher. Those rates would have to be paid on new debt and on existing debt that is rolled over as it matures.

    The interest payments would climb higher and higher until the market would naturally max out the ...
  5. The Federal Reserve Note: 1971-2012?

    Before I begin, I would like to just say these are only my opinions and I understand not everyone will agree with them. My viewpoint is always developing, as I constantly am looking for new information, and I am always willing to listen to respectful alternatives to the viewpoints I present. Truthfully, I wish I did not have to have these thoughts, but until many questions are answered I am forced to deal with the potential unsettling reality. I am not asking you to agree or change your life, ...