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  1. More attacks on the Founders

    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post

    The Founding Fathers, unzipped
    The Daily Beast – Thu, Jun 30, 2011

    The Constitution’s framers were flawed like today’s politicians, so it’s high time we stop embalming them in infallibility.

    By Simon Schama
    June 26, 2011

    He may have written the Declaration of Independence, but were he around today Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination,
  2. Right-wing Christians do not have a monopoly on being pro life

    I just found this post hear at RPF and I thought it was worth noting.

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    Let's not forget that "right-wing Christians" do not have a monopoly on being pro-life.

    Take note of:
    Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
    Democrats For Life
    Jews For Life (possibly defunct)
    Embryos USA (Muslim)
    Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
    Libertarians for Life
    Feminists For Life

    Not having the support of one pro-life
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  3. Ron Paul Will Decriminalize Marijuana - What's Your Thoughts On It?

    There are plenty of medical marijuana patients who support Ron Paul including myself who want to see him elected president. Now it isn't simply because of the legalization or decriminalization efforts but because Ron Paul is the ONLY presidential candidate who would finally allow us the rights and liberties our proud patriots once had.

    Our country is failing right before our eyes and it will take strong efforts on our part to make sure that Ron Paul can and DOES get elected president. ...
  4. You've Been Ron Paul'd - Viral Marketing Ideal Rick Roll Style

    Ron Paul Needs Our Help And So Do Viral Vidoes Online

    Here is my idea and what YOU can do BEFORE elections happen.

    Step 1

    Make a video about ANYTHING and then either include ron paul related information within the video itself OR make it switch to a ron paul video after about 2-5 seconds into the video.

    Step 2

    Continune making videos that either do a cut take to a ron paul related video or speech OR something that has ron ...
  5. Re: Why Republicans are wrong to put fiscal arithmetic ahead of global influence.

    Response to article found here:


    Apparently we just call noninterventionist foreign policy "isolationism" these days.Unfotunately for you, the word "isolationism" has an actual definition.

    From wikipedia (for ease of use):

    Isolationism is a foreign policy adopted by a nation in which the country