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  1. US Debt Clock is Ticking -- DC Epic Fail on Spending Cuts

    Click on the pic to see the debt clock spin, but be patient if you do because it is loading a lot of data~

    The only danger to this picture is that you get numb to the magnitude of the problem. Here are a couple of sites that will help put this into perspective for you. The solution begins at your household, and in your community, and in your state, and ultimately ...
  2. Please help support and spread the August 3rd MB + week long push!

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    General Politics:

    RP Grassroots Central:


    Whoever runs, PLEASE post this up and start an
  3. Let a gambler break down knives, gun ownership, and nuclear weapons game theoretically P.2

    Part 2


    It's obvious as we increase the level of mutual arms we increase the chance of nonviolent, not violent, outcomes. What happens is the criminal agent has a lesser and lesser incentive to try and victimize our potential victim. The reason the chances are arbitrarily increased for deterent in guns is the huge increase in death.

    In poker there is something called EV, or expected value. In cash games, no one cares if they lose their ...

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  4. Let a gambler break down knives, gun ownership, and nuclear weapons game theoretically P.1

    Let a gambler break down knives, gun ownership, and nuclear weapons game theoretically:

    We will make several assumptions in the following...that of the two actors in every example, one is a person tending toward violent behavior. We also assume the other agent believes in self defense. Logically two pascifists will not lead to a violent outcome EVER, and if one is a pascifist not a criminally violent actor, again, there will be no violent outcome.

    Imagine you have ...

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  5. Modernized, Extensive List of Libertarian Celebrities

    I've noticed recently that while there's rare and sporadic talk of libertarian celebrities, there's not really a comprehensive list of them.

    Well - we're gonna do it. Right now. We're gonna make the best, most exhaustive & comprehensive list of notable libertarians we can possibly come up with.

    I really think it's important for us to show more of the masses libertarians that they know and love - that it isn't as fringe as they think and that there some very prominent, ...

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