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  1. Ames Straw Poll By the Numbers (Or, How Many People Does Ron Paul Need to Win?)

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    This is a breakdown of Iowa voter participation in the Ames Straw Poll, and what the grassroots and the campaign needs to achieve in order to actually pull of a good finish at the straw poll. I have put it together as a guide so that we can have an idea of what we need to achieve; perhaps it can serve as a reference for some activities in Iowa.

    I will update this thread as new ideas and information come forward.

    Turnout at the Straw Poll, and Factors
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  2. Gold stocks have very favorable risk/reward based on Hussman's indicators.

    John Hussman, whose weekly market comments are a must read, wrote a piece back in 1999 entitled Going For the Gold, see here. In it he described the set of circumstances that are present during periods of gold stock strength.

    There are 4 items that when are all present have historically resulted in an amazing 123% annualized return for the XAU gold stock index.

    Those items are:

    1) The rate of inflation is higher ...
  3. The case for the fair tax by a liberty minded individual

    The case for the fair tax by a liberty minded individual

    Let me start out by saying I am not a big fan of the fair tax. Iím not a big fan of taxes in general. I legally get out of paying for as many taxes as I can through legal deductions. I wholeheartedly think the IRS should be abolished, and that we could have a small federal government that survived on tarrifs and user fees, like we did prior to 1913.

    Now, in the name of liberty, we need to start moving in the ...
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  4. On conspiracies, the human brain, and storytelling.

    On conspiracies, the human brain, and storytelling.

    I recently attended a C4l meeting with a county commissioner. A God and country conservative, this fellow, and he had come to talk about local waste. So, of course, several people decided to pepper him with questions about chemtrails and international conspiracy, as if it were all related and within his jurisdiction. (please take the time to read this before spamming me with Alex Jones links.) I was a little embarrassed for ...
  5. More attacks on the Founders

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    The Founding Fathers, unzipped
    The Daily Beast Ė Thu, Jun 30, 2011

    The Constitutionís framers were flawed like todayís politicians, so itís high time we stop embalming them in infallibility.

    By Simon Schama
    June 26, 2011

    He may have written the Declaration of Independence, but were he around today Thomas Jefferson wouldnít have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination,