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  1. Ron on FoxNews 11:15a - SUBMIT QUESTIONS NOW!!! (6/22/11)

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    Ron will be on FoxNews at 11:15a ET - Please SUBMIT QUESTIONS for the interviewer to ask him here: - (will have a live chat function)
  2. Lupe Fiasco, Hip-Hop, and Libertarianism

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    Lupe Fiasco, Hip-Hop, and Libertarianism

    The rapper Lupe Fiasco, recently set the normally Pro-Obama hip hop world on fire with his recent comments labeling President Obama a "Terrorist."
    ďIn my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America. For me, Iím trying to fight the terrorism thatís actually causing the other forms of terrorism. The root cause of the terrorism is the
  3. Anarchy, Government and the State.

    While the anarcho-capitalist and voluntaryist movement has certainly been growing *significantly* (at the extreme disdain of 'left' anarchists) - I don't think we make certain *very* important distinctions clear enough.

    I believe part of why many others have trouble grasping anarchy is because they are (including many anarchists, even) conflating 'the State', with 'government' or 'governance'. There is an essence of 'talking past eachother'.

    Understand, all States ...

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  4. Big time trouble dead ahead thanks to the Federal Reserve.

    The paper money dollar experiment of the last 40 years has reached an unsolvable impasse. Since 1971, when Nixon defaulted on the dollars convertibility into gold there has been no restraint whatsoever on the Federal Reserve's ability to finance the U.S. government's boondoggle spending programs both foreign and domestic.

    The government doesn't have to rely on tax receipts any more. It simply ...

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  5. Anarcho-Capitalist Reference List

    General/Introductions to Anarcho-Capitalism

    Antimarket Ethics: A Praxeological Critique by Murray Rothbard (Rothbard destroys many common criticisms against the market, absolutely a must read, for minarchists too.)
    The State is Not Great by Jacob Spinney (best video intro in existence. VERY GOOD.)
    Anarcho-Capitalist FAQ by Hogeye Bill
    The Obviousness of Anarchy by John Hasnas
    Evil Monopolies Are Fairy Tales In Free Markets by Jacob Spinney (great video) ...