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  1. UNABRIDGED: The Ron Paul Anti-Racist Encyclopedia

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    Wow, a great resource for rebutting claims of racism.
  2. Seven Biblical Answers To Popular Zionist Assumptions

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    Share this with your Christian zionist friends. Let them hear a different (Biblical) perspective:
  3. The REAL reason the media hates Ron Paul and liberty.

    It's funny watching the flowering relationship between many in the media and Rick Santorum. You see those two will start fighting again but it will merely be a lover's quarrel. The real hate from the media is reserved for those who love liberty and oppose big government.

    To be employed in political journalism you take for granted that the government has a role in civil society beyond as a mere functionary defending person and property. In fact a journalist takes great pride in "being ...
  4. Newletter Scandal Points To Gingrich

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    So here we go.
    Submitted by donnay

    James Kirchick is said to have released the newsletter cache.

    James Kirchick is connected with Newt Gingrich in a think-tank group called Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).
  5. Was just informed the Ron Paul essay I entered into a contest will be published in a book

    Political Spectrum Publishing ran a contest:
    and my essay was one of the ones selected to go in the book. You can read the essay here:

    The WMD ignored by all but Ron Paul