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  1. Talking Points

    I need a place to collect comment replies for common concerns addresses elsewhere. Figured I'd try here...

    Debt Ceiling Question:

    Passing the debt onto future generations is child abuse. The buck stops with each individual who say's, "Enough is enough!" The only way we can do this is to reexamine the proper role, _and balance_, of governments (Local, State, Federal). Dr. Ron Paul is the only one honestly addressing this prime issue and has earned my support

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  2. Who is Ron Paul?

    I have just written an article about Ron Paul and his Presidential Candidacy. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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  5. Question

    I want to make and sell merchandise to support Ron Paul. Can I just do this or is there some sort
    of permission I have to get? I see all sorts of items out there for many candidates...

    Thanks for your help!