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  1. FEC data regarding the founding of RP's Campaign for Liberty

    Quote Originally Posted by wikipedia
    Ron Paul founded the Campaign for Liberty with a portion of the over $4.7 million left from his presidential campaign, and it is also currently funded through donations by both mail and the internet.

    I don't have the time to go through every single disbursement from 2008, but here is a sample from Ron's congressional campaign indicating how much they took in, and then how much the congressional campaign ...
  2. They want tyranny.

    Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post
    You think? As it stands now, we are all slaves to the Banksters--we are slaves to debt. Presidential Executive Order 11051 allows the government to separate family members "as it see's fit" under this Executive order--emergency powers (we have been under it since 1933, by-the-way). If we do not stop the tyranny, we will all be slaves on the global plantation!!

    As far as the witch-hunting society is concerned-- do you remember Ruby Ridge, Waco and Ed and Elaine
  3. Pamphlet for Mormons to Show why RP better than Romney

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    So I came across this on a post on Mormons for Ron Paul on Facebook. Its not mine, I didn't make it. But it is a fantastic piece of literature to use to show why Latter-day Saints should support Ron Paul over Mitt Romney. It quotes from ever LDS church leader and LDS scriptures to show this. If anyone needs help convincing a LDS they know to support the Doctor, I think this would help quite a bit. It was made for the Arizona Primary, but the only thing showing that is the last line of the pamphlet,
  4. interesting stuff

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    I'm a little surprised at the number of people who say to pull the tooth. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Check out Ramiel Nagel for outstanding information about healing dental issues. It can be done with diet and suppls.

    Rami's diet is similar to

    Root canals seem to lead to a decay in overall health.
  5. Anarchist Meme