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  1. Following the Constitution Is a Revolutionary Idea.

    What is the proper role of a government in a civilized society?

    A court system should arbitrate disputes and punish destruction of property and life. A police force should enforce these decisions. Lastly, an army should protect life and liberty if necessary from nation state aggressors. Many of these things do not necessarily have to be done by employees of the state. Some of them could be performed by private industry, such as arbitrators and security companies, but if the role ...
  2. To vaccinate or not to vaccine, that is the question.

    Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post
    I realize you do not get it. Do some research on it. It's better to be informed! Education is key! I live in New Hampshire and I do not believe in vaccines!

    The 'Vaccines are safe' lie

    Jon Rappaport interviews an ex-vaccine worker ďDr Mark RandallĒ.

    CDC caught in blatant lies about pandemics and vaccines

    Vaccines & Vaccinations are a Big Lie

    Polio Vaccine Truth

    Vaccine Ingredients

  3. Most EPIC post

    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon View Post
    Quit being critical.

    Look at the data from the previous elections.
    I'm not a statistician. But, the numbers don't lie.
    Due to a very convoluted chain of causality, there is small handful of people in this country who can swing an election. They are the opinion makers, the leaders, the initiators of a domino effect that can bring in sweeping changes.
    And, they usually aren't who you would expect. Wolf Blitzer? Donald Trump? Rosey ODonnoel?
    If you look
  4. Ron Paulís 6 towns over 40%

    Here is a little motivation. I know some people are feeling down. I know some people are feeling bad. I know some people are frustrated. Donít feel down. We are doing amazing things. We have come so far and will go so much further!

    Ron Paul took 40% or more of the vote in 6 New Hampshire towns. In New Hampshire, there were 30 candidates in the race. There are currently 4 candidates in the race for the Republican nomination. Here is how the candidates did in the 6 New Hampshire ...
  5. al-Qathafi is coming home in 10m days!

    al-Gathafi is coming home!
    a publiť dans Libyan Electronic Green Army.

    Ehab Sabraty 8 fťvrier 02:51
    عاجل جدآ ..علي جميع الثوار المتواجدين حاليآ في ...
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