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  1. Looking forward without the State

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    I read Cabal's posts. He is logical and reasonable which many lack. I am skeptical of anarchism in that I know the way of men. I've seen enough that I think it would take, or need, some doing to philosophically or ideologically change the mindsets of people. That said consistently I agree with the philosophy. It is mainly minor instances of my own lack of understanding of what they'd propose as solutions. Pot shots from the trees and the sheer economics of providing for an invading force would no

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  2. You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

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    I agree with you that human liberty is a "yes/no" proposition; one either is or is not free. That said, from a purely practical point-of-view, safe money is on the state not going away anytime soon. The state is an immoral institution - full-stop - regardless of its size, but it does seem to be the sort of beast one stands a better chance of charming when its more in line with human scale.

    My rural and numerically insignificant self is unhappily tied by an imaginary
  3. cougar dating :)

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    No Sugar Mamma webbernet sites? /disappoint
    Did you even google?
  4. Wings of the Republican Party

    Left Wing of the Republican Party:
    Romney > McCain > Bush > Ford > Nixon > Rockefeller > Dewey > Lincoln

    Right Wing of the Republican Party:
    Garfield > Coolidge > Taft > Goldwater > Reagan > Buchanan > Paul > ?
  5. The Rite

    A promise, a lie, a sleight of hand
    This is what will move a man
    To cede his trust, and time, and being
    To any stranger who says We can

    Do this, and that, foretell some change
    Fabricate hope, and cease the reigns
    Pay no heed to history's past
    This time's difference will prove us sane

    So to the circus we shall head
    Starving for this daily bread
    In our wake a cardinal path
    As if these passages we never read

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