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  1. Bestest picture thread evaar! (The trilogy)

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  2. Breakdown of the 2016 Republican Wave in NH offices

    While it is true that New Hampshire voters sent the worst people in New Hampshire to live in a swamp, this was a Republican wave year for New Hampshire state and county based positions.

    2016 New Hampshire County Office Election Results

    Many people are aware that the voters just elected Republicans to control the entire state government from the governor and executive council, to the New Hampshire Senate and the New Hampshire House. However, it is county offices that ...
  3. This is Rich! - NYTimes Points Out Misleading NBC Report!

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    Wolf Blitzer to Megyn Kelly: "You're fake"
    Megyn to Wolf: "No, you're fake!"
    Wolf: "Bitch-ass, you're totally faker than me!"
    Megyn: "Dumb-ass, you're literally the fakest of the fake!"

    this is going to be fun to watch....
  4. GOP President-Elect Donald Trump Says Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Settled' Law

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    Didn't take him long to throw the evangelicals under the bus did it?
    He likes to brag about how good he is at "construction," yes? Consider the evangelicals the cut-offs of the 2x6s used to frame the roof. Spoils...
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