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  1. What's the Fed's Next Move? Taper? Bluff?

    I am now of a strong suspicion that there is no point in asking such questions as what the Federal Reserve Bank's next move will be because the predictive instruments of economics, such as they may have once proven useful, may have been rendered effectively null and void in the face of the new electronic currency. We are in uncharted "monetary" waters and as such all bets would appear to be off.

    Whereas physical currency, even if only worthless paper, cannot be controlled ...
  2. Contradictions in the Constitution

    Quote Originally Posted by mikemarotta View Post
    “He sat at a table, and the light of his lamp fell on the copy of an ancient document. He had marked and crossed out the contradictions in its statements that had once been the cause of its destruction.” Atlas Shrugged.

    1. The basic contradiction was not clarifying those things which the government is allowed to do from those things which only the government is allowed to do.
    2. The Bill of Rights was not originally incorporated to the states.
    3. No "Nullifcation Clause"
  3. James Woods on Obama: He’s the ‘gift from hell’

    He has been called liar, neocons tool, war criminal and other names but this is probably the harshest criticism of suspected plant from any hollywood star:

    James Woods on Obama: He’s the ‘gift from hell’

    The Washington Times Thursday, September 12, 2013

  4. Freedom Is Likely Doomed - But So What?

    Free societies are by their nature focused on the individual whereas those of Empire are focused upon the group. Groups trained to function as units constitute what I call "super-organisms" or "super-human organisms" and even "super-human organizations". They are powerful, but almost by necessity un-free because those controlling them generally will not abide the free entry and exit of the cogs, the training of each representing an investment the return on which is ...
  5. Authenticity

    Here is a short article on the issue of Authenticity on the Grassroots Liberty Write-in Campaign.
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