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  1. Free Market Environmentalism CRUSHES all other Environmentalism

    One subject we libertarian/conservative/free market types have trouble with is environmental issues. Of course, a lot of the green agenda is just nonsense, but there are real environmental problems too. Many of us don't know how to answer legitimate environmental concerns raised by the right and (mostly) left wing statists.

    That's one reason I wrote this fairly comprehensive introduction to free market environmentalism: Liberty and Environmentalism: A Reconciliation.

  2. Supporting Liberty in 2012: My Endorsements

    Supporting for 2012:
    Jeff Flake for Arizona Senator
    Connie Mack for Florida Senator
    Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senator---WON!
    Ted Cruz for Texas Senator
    Thomas Massie for Congress---WON!
    Tom McClintock for Congress
    Tom Graves for Congress
    Dave McIntosh for Congress---Lost
    Kristi Risk for Congress---Lost

    Brian Kalk for Congress
    Scott Garrett for Congress
    Steve Stockman for Congress
    Karen Kwiatkowski for Congress ...
  3. Justin Amash-A Conservative of the best

    Quote Originally Posted by KingNothing View Post
    Dude, if Amash isn't good enough for us we're never -and I mean never- going to win anything meaningful.
    Liberty fighters must not let perfect be the enemy of the good.

    Thanks to KingNothing for this inspirational quote!
  4. Amash considers resigning from Congress after feeling heat from a vote

    Quote Originally Posted by Patriot123 View Post
    This movement is beginning to disgust me. You people claim you want honest people in Congress, and you get them. And then just because you have one disagreement with them, you lambast them, for a SINGLE vote. (Seriously?) The man has a different opinion, good for him! The problem with you people is that you're so damn unwilling to compromise a single bit. Don't you get it? That's how politics works, that's how life works. If you believe otherwise, that's how we got where we are now, in this partisan
  5. South Dakota for Liberty PAC is up and running! (Urgent Request part 3)

    Quote Originally Posted by skyorbit View Post
    The Campaign may have given up on Primaries, but we haven't.

    On June 5th, 2012, registered Republicans in South Dakota will vote in the Republican presidential primary. Recently, the official Ron Paul campaign announced it will fully channel its financial resources and staff to delegate and convention operations instead of upcoming primary states, like South Dakota. Consequently, it's up to grassroots supporters of Dr. Paul and his message, to carry the torch and deliver a strong
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