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  1. On the Risks of TERRORISM

    Sen. Rand Paul and TSA: It's Personal Now (almost sounds like the title to a movie, doesn't it)...

    First, some context... Hot on the heels of 'the Rand Paul Incident' today where Rand was demanded of (which he utterly rejected and was ultimately detained for) a full body search and pat-down by the TSA due to an 'anomaly' in his scan (personally, ...

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  2. Life, Liberty and Property explained

    Life, Liberty and Property... that sounds somewhat familiar doesnt it?

    1. Introduction
    It was 1848 that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote “The Communist Manifesto”. The book that fired up a French political libertarian and economist who was literally dying of tuberculosis. This Frenchman was triggered to defend the concept that property rights and individual freedoms flowed from natural law and wrote in 1850 a classic and powerful refutation of this communist manifesto. ...
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  3. Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul compared

    I'll update the list after the results for every state election are announced. Eventually, I'll create a new blog post with the completed information.

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary or Republican Caucus, ranked highest to lowest:
    1. New Hampshire 4.3%
    2. South Carolina 1.7%
    3. Michigan 1.2%
    4. Iowa 0.9%
    5. Florida ...

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  4. A message to the Establishment

    Quote Originally Posted by DisabledVet View Post
    It's too late.

    The end has already begun for the donklephant (the supposed "2 party system") establishment.

    Weather or not Dr. Paul wins the nomination is of no consequence. The Paul campaign and it's supporters are like Navy Seal Team 6 vs the local PTA. We are infinitely more organized, motivated and educated about the election process. We are winning delegates at an exponential rate. We will not compromise on our values when it comes to the convention.
  5. The complete list of Ron Paul Endorsements from Elected Officials

    Thank you to all of the elected officials who endorsed Ron Paul! Interesting fact, over 40% of all of the US and state legislators who endorsed Ron Paul are New Hampshire legislators. Maine had the 2nd highest number of legislators to endorse Ron Paul. Odd fact, the only 3 legislators to endorse Gary Johnson were all New Hampshire legislators. See the complete list of Ron Paul endorsements by elected officials below.

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    Ron Paul Endorsements from Elected Officials
    As of May
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