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  1. "Racist Newsletters" Debunked Once And For All

    Quote Originally Posted by tunk999 View Post
    I've typed up a very long and meticulously cited FAQ in response to this very old charge, available here.
    I think I've now read every blog post there is on the subject, and hopefully I covered just about everything. I would appreciate comments, criticisms, etc.

    Basically, what happened was that for perhaps 3 decades, several newsletters ran under Paul's name containing some
  2. My caucus speech for Ron Paul in Dallas County Iowa: Economy, Electability, Integrity

    Good evening. My name is Edward Lee. I would like to thank Aaron and George and many of your neighbors for letting me speak on their behalf about Ron Paul. My classmates have helped me travel hundreds of miles to spend my Christmas break and New Year's to reach out to literally thousands of Iowans like many of you here tonight. Instead of letting the media unfairly suggest that I support Ron Paul because he's the only candidate other than Romney to get on the Virginia ballot, I would like to personally ...

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  3. HUGELKULTUR- Bury wood in your garden!

    A snippet of information about hugelkultur, written by Paul Wheaton over at . Link to his full article:


    hugelkultur raised garden beds in a nutshell:

    grow a typical garden without irrigation or fertilization
    has been demonstrated to work in deserts as well as backyards
    use up rotting wood, twigs, branches ...

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  4. On the Risks of TERRORISM

    Sen. Rand Paul and TSA: It's Personal Now (almost sounds like the title to a movie, doesn't it)...

    First, some context... Hot on the heels of 'the Rand Paul Incident' today where Rand was demanded of (which he utterly rejected and was ultimately detained for) a full body search and pat-down by the TSA due to an 'anomaly' in his scan (personally, ...

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  5. The meme, the libertymovement, the tipping point & what it means to the campaign strategy

    An exploratory rant for applying 'Diffusion of innovations' to the 2012 electioncycle.

    1. The fight for the meme
    Ron Paul's message can be seen as a meme. According to wikipedia, a meme (play /ˈmiːm/[1]) is "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."[2] A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, ...
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