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  1. Satanís Sin

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    No it isnít.
    Yes it is. The intellect is the part of soul which studies and understands God's WORD. There is also a mortal soul and a immortal soul.
    You said the intellect was the spirit. You are now changing definitions.

    Also, there are not two souls
  2. Illegal Immigrant heroes save American lives

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    Lizzie Borden, who was unsuccessfully prosecuted in 1892 for the axe murders of her father and stepmother, had red hair. So did Lynette Fromme, who spent 34 years in prison for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik revolutionary who became one of historyís bloodiest mass murderers, was also a redhead. Ditto the Wild West gangster and bank robber Jesse James.

    As those examples demonstrate, people with red hair are prone to violence and should
  3. - how to vote in New Hampshire on September 11th

    For Immediate Release

    Liberty Ballot recommends Andy Sanborn, Joseph Kenney, and Jane Cormier in the Republican Primary

    Liberty Ballot recommends Senator Andy Sanborn for Congress. This is the third election cycle in a row that Liberty Ballot has recommended Andy Sanborn based primarily on his pro-liberty voting record. Andy Sanborn has consistently received "A" ratings ...
  4. Militarism inherent in border regulation

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    I do not.

    I want to get rid of it.

    How do you think you are going to attack 11 million people and deprive them of their lives, liberty, and property without your roving bands of jackboots? How are you going to know who is and isn't an immigrant without national registration, tracing, and monitoring? How are you going to violate the property, association, and exchange rights of all 325 million Americans without using militaristic
  5. Antitrust Law - Needed or Not?

    Originally posted here:

    Are Antitrust Law Needed or Not?

    A breakdown of the Axiom's involved in the issue...

    Moral Issues
    Axiom 1: Having a monopoly does not mean that you have done anything morally wrong, all of your property and clients can be justly acquired.
    Axiom 2: Antitrust laws only have value when they are back ...
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