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  1. A Truer Separation Of Powers

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    What I intend here is not really philosophy, but more a philosophically-based architectural plan regarding separation of police power.

    I had a brain fart months ago and have now decided to allow the little <fup> to escape my mental anus for your aromatic pleasure and consideration.

    We largely agree on these forums that police pose a very serious problem in the United States. As crazy-shitty as Europe is, the police there are generally far more under control in terms
  2. 54% of GOP Believe 'Deep Down' Obama Is a Muslim, Only 45% of Dems Believe Obama Is Christian

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    54 Percent of Republicans Believe 'Deep Down' Obama Is a Muslim, Survey Finds

    Only 45 Percent of Democrats Believe Obama Is Christian

    By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post ReporterFebruary 26, 2015

    As many as 54 percent of Republicans have said in a survey that they believe President Barack Obama "deep down" is a Muslim, and only 9 percent trust that he's really a Christian.

    Alex Theodoridis, an assistant professor of political
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  3. No Such Thing as Narrowly Targeted or Pinpoint Drone Attacks

    Quote Originally Posted by Suzanimal
    They hate us for our freedoms...

    From LewRockwell...

    No Such Thing as Narrowly Targeted or Pinpoint Drone Attacks
    Michael S. Rozeff

    The effectiveness of U.S. drone attacks in killing their targets vs. missing their targets and killing innocent human beings is analyzed in fine detail in this report. It looks at multiple attempts to kill a given person. For example, there were 3 U.S. drone attacks on the now-dead Mullah Nazir. These killed 24 innocent civilians.
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  4. The Common Denominator: Lack of Accountability

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    The Common Denominator: Lack of Accountability
    By Brian 4 Liberty - April 29, 2015

    (RPF) - The looting and destruction in Baltimore has riveted the nation to their televisions and the internet, engrossing us in another media circus that surpasses the Super Bowl and rivals presidential primaries. Like clockwork, we have the inevitable discussion of supposed causes, of hasty and dogmatic solutions, and the inevitable flood of special interests and charlatans who will seize the
  5. New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    New Jersey Vs. New Hampshire

    While New Hampshire and New Jersey both have "New" in their names, the states couldn't be further apart politically.
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