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    Grass needs to grow, just as the ideas of Liberty and Freedom need to grow in the minds of people. But in order to grow, it needs to be watered and fed, but cant be cut down before it reaches maturity. Seedling Grass does not immediately start bearing seeds. It is when mature grass begins to grow seeds that people spread the ideas of Liberty and Freedom to others. There are a lot of ways that grass can be prevented from growing. When there is no more Privacy, any opponents of Freedom and Liberty will utilize what they know about everyone to specifically cut down any opposition. As I mentioned above, usually about the Future, but also about Maintaining the Illusion, the way to cut down a supporter of Liberty and Freedom will have nothing to do with Liberty and Freedom itself. That is, until you have Hard Tyranny. Al Capone went to prison for Tax Evasion because the Govt was unable to convict him of Alcohol Sales, which, at that time, was defined as Illegal in the Constitution. But what do you think will happen to you, or anyone else that speaks of Liberty or Freedom? As I mentioned earlier, the average person commits Three Felonies Per Day. So if you oppose your would-be owners, your would-be owners will cut you down by charging you with any of those Three Felonies that you commit long before you start to plant the seeds of Liberty and Freedom as an idea in the minds of others. I sincerely believe that the ultimate goal of a world that is committed to Freedom and Liberty will be absolutely impossible if you have absolutely no Privacy. But you might think differently.

    I have but one question for you, do you think that you will be able to win a Revolution without any form of Privacy?