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  1. Right-wing Christians do not have a monopoly on being pro life

    I just found this post hear at RPF and I thought it was worth noting.

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    Let's not forget that "right-wing Christians" do not have a monopoly on being pro-life.

    Take note of:
    Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
    Democrats For Life
    Jews For Life (possibly defunct)
    Embryos USA (Muslim)
    Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
    Libertarians for Life
    Feminists For Life

    Not having the support of one pro-life
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  2. Gallup poll shows opportunity for ANTI-WAR REPUBLICANS!

    It's really simple folks. We need to identify the 47 percent of republican voters that now support pulling out of Afghanistan, drive the point home that Ron Paul is the presidential hopeful to most likely accomplish that[1], point out that he's the only one who was right all along about the economy and is against the bailouts, and point out that he has the best chance of beating Obama. As for the 47 percent that think we should stay? Don't worry about them! We'll never win them over anyway and ...

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  3. Jesse Ventura gets Whoppie Goldberg to rethink her "view"

    Remember that Whoopie was the one that called the "opt out day" organizers who were protesting the naked body scanners terrorists. Note that she didn't dare call Ventura a terrorist for suing the TSA and wanting to get rid of the Department of Homeland inSecurity. Why? Because Jesse Ventura documented in his book that how people who call out government tyranny are NOT conspiracy theorists! They are conspiracy REALISTS! Some ...
  4. ABC Reports On TSA Behaviour Detection Officers

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    Airing Date Jan.25, 2011

    ABC Reports On TSA Behaviour Detection Officers

    Better hope you don't have a natural angry facial expression when you go to an airport near you.I've been told i have a some what natural angry look on my face, where as i am most generally happy going.
    We need to get the word out that the "Israeli style profiling" conservatives talk radio hosts tout so much doesn't ...
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  5. Flashback: Warrantless wiretapping predated 9/11

    I don't know how I missed this. And I already knew this was true, but I hadn't seen the admission. It's interesting that when Bush was pushing for the Patriot Act he demanded "The same tools to go after terrorists that we now use to go after drug dealers." Of course nobody asked the question if those tools were actually constitutional.

    US warrantless wiretapping predates 9/11
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