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  1. ABC Reports On TSA Behaviour Detection Officers

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    Airing Date Jan.25, 2011

    ABC Reports On TSA Behaviour Detection Officers

    Better hope you don't have a natural angry facial expression when you go to an airport near you.I've been told i have a some what natural angry look on my face, where as i am most generally happy going.
    We need to get the word out that the "Israeli style profiling" conservatives talk radio hosts tout so much doesn't ...
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  2. PBS: Frontline: Are We Safer?

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    Reporter Dana Priest reports on the intelligence service since 911. CIA,NSA,FBI.DHS,Fusion Centers...

    Heres the link to find your local Fusion Center:
    why is a former FBI Agent working for the ACLU?

    The full series/report is coming this Fall. Good
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