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    We all have learned from a young age that checks and balances on government power are critical to the health of a Constitutional Republic. In 1913 we lost the critical check and balance of power between the State and Federal governments when the 17th Amendment was ratified. It is time to restore this critical check and balance through legislation and assure a healthy State and Federal government relationship into perpetuity.

    A Constitutional Federal Government is a healthy Federal Government in which every American will have the best and broadest opportunities to succeed and prosper. Legislative nullification will define the boundaries of power as granted to the Federal Government in Article 6 of the US Constitution and Article 10 of the Bill of Rights.

    The only other way to restore this balance is to repeal the 17th Amendment, and I honestly doubt that the people of America are ready for that yet. Let this crisis get worse and they may be driven to it. It is time to redefine the role of government in our lives, as we were elected to do.

    We can start by supporting an override to the veto of HB2.

    Restore the Constitutional order!
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    Are you trying to do a social aggregate blog? I may be a bit to our there for you, but I am trying to find high quality blogs that have the same tone as me and give "one stop shops" for enlightenment on current day affairs..
    Scott J
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    I volunteer to do any copy-editor / proof-reading you may need.

    Sign me up!