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  1. Keith and stuff's Avatar
    One of the great things about New Hampshire is that it has the highest rate of vaccination. That means that if you live there and decide to not vaccinate, your kids are less likely to get a serious disease. So if you don't want your kids to get sick and you don't want to vaccinate, there is no better state to live in than NH. Add to that it has the lowest poverty for kids, the healthiest kids and it is rated the best place to raise a family. Oh, and it is also the safest state.
  2. Jordan G's Avatar
    It is great to see resistance against private profits turning into public debts. It is just to see the ones who caused the mess being held responsible. As compared to the US where we, the people, pay them, the ".00001%", for deceit, stupidity, and to make up for their mistakes

    It is so nice to know that the international bankers, IMF, World Bank, The Fed, the Globalists, are being exposed and rejected for the parasites that they are.

    Praise and love to the people of Iceland who had the courage to unite and are moving forward with complete transparency.

    It is nice to know with educators and leaders like Ron Paul that there is hope for US.
  3. donnay's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more!
  4. Jordan G's Avatar
    Great story. I tried to follow it but the international media really blocked it. It just goes to show how beholden they are to the international bankers. It is time to change the system.