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  1. FEC data regarding the founding of RP's Campaign for Liberty

    Quote Originally Posted by wikipedia
    Ron Paul founded the Campaign for Liberty with a portion of the over $4.7 million left from his presidential campaign, and it is also currently funded through donations by both mail and the internet.

    I don't have the time to go through every single disbursement from 2008, but here is a sample from Ron's congressional campaign indicating how much they took in, and then how much the congressional campaign ...
  2. HUGELKULTUR- Bury wood in your garden!

    A snippet of information about hugelkultur, written by Paul Wheaton over at . Link to his full article:


    hugelkultur raised garden beds in a nutshell:

    grow a typical garden without irrigation or fertilization
    has been demonstrated to work in deserts as well as backyards
    use up rotting wood, twigs, branches ...

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  3. FOX/GOOGLE DEBATE Question+Response Count

    So I've been sitting here tracking the number of questions & responses for each candidate during the Fox/Google debate. I didn't use a stopwatch, so this is merely the number of times each candidate spoke-- omitting of course things that shouldn't really be counted, like when Santorum was unsuccesfully trying to interrupt people, but not really saying anything of substance. I did include in the count responses permitted by the moderators when the candidates were taking turns bantering back and ...
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  4. Freedom Living: Organic Lawn Care by Paul Wheaton

    Organic Lawn Care For the Cheap and Lazy

    Lawn care in a nutshell:

    Must do:
    o Set your mower as high as it will go (3 to 4 inches).
    o Water only when your grass shows signs of drought stress and then water deeply (put a cup in your sprinkler zone and make sure it gets at least an inch of water).
    o Fertilize ...