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  1. Abolishing Public Education


    One of the biggest mistakes we make when arguing for the abolishment of any institution is claiming that we know the best alternative or what the market will choose if left to it's own devices. We don't know what would happen, and acting like we do sets up false expectations to whoever your talking to allowing them to quickly become dissapointed and revert back to statism if things didn't work exactly like you imagined.

    More than likely instead of any single ...
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  2. A Discussion of the Problems with Income Equality and Progressive Economists.

    Hey All,

    One of the many issues I've been speaking about latley is the problem with the emphasis on income equality by Progressive economists sucha James Galbraith and Paul Krugman. A focus on income equality fundamentally misunderstands human incentives, human happiness, and all the trouble of macroeconomic statistics with it's focus on Nation Income Statistics which results in all the problems of aggregation.

    Here are a couple of video of me discussion these very ...
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