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  1. Money drenched in blood: Pope scolds Congress for US made weapons sold around the world

    It is amazing hypocrisy that US media owners often get on high horse judging Africans' "blood diamonds" but I have never heard a peep in our media about tens if not hundreds of billion dollars of " 'Money drenched in blood" being made by US companies and their investors?

    Why it took a foreign leader to point out massive blood drenched sore right under our noses?

    Blood drenched money making has spiked under the "Nobel Peace Prize" winner.
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  2. 54% of GOP Believe 'Deep Down' Obama Is a Muslim, Only 45% of Dems Believe Obama Is Christian

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    54 Percent of Republicans Believe 'Deep Down' Obama Is a Muslim, Survey Finds

    Only 45 Percent of Democrats Believe Obama Is Christian

    By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post ReporterFebruary 26, 2015

    As many as 54 percent of Republicans have said in a survey that they believe President Barack Obama "deep down" is a Muslim, and only 9 percent trust that he's really a Christian.

    Alex Theodoridis, an assistant professor of political
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  3. No Such Thing as Narrowly Targeted or Pinpoint Drone Attacks

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    They hate us for our freedoms...

    From LewRockwell...

    No Such Thing as Narrowly Targeted or Pinpoint Drone Attacks
    Michael S. Rozeff

    The effectiveness of U.S. drone attacks in killing their targets vs. missing their targets and killing innocent human beings is analyzed in fine detail in this report. It looks at multiple attempts to kill a given person. For example, there were 3 U.S. drone attacks on the now-dead Mullah Nazir. These killed 24 innocent civilians.
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  4. "five year problem"

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    No biggie, it is just a "five year problem" being create by neocons.

    Sort of like "ten year problem" that was created in Afghanistan in 70s that unfortunately ended up being 40 year problem and counting.

    Bad news for modern women of Syria though and all the population.

    Photo Essay: Crash course on origins of Al Qaeda

    Afghanistan in 1970s before the US intervention with Israeli help:

  5. Majority of Americans now believe Obama is "dishonest and untrustworthy"

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    SWC drone king is on a roll, 8 points trust deficit for nPlant spells trouble for Dems in tight races:


    For first time, Q-poll shows Obama new viewed as more
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