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  1. "five year problem"

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    No biggie, it is just a "five year problem" being create by neocons.

    Sort of like "ten year problem" that was created in Afghanistan in 70s that unfortunately ended up being 40 year problem and counting.

    Bad news for modern women of Syria though and all the population.

    Photo Essay: Crash course on origins of Al Qaeda

    Afghanistan in 1970s before the US intervention with Israeli help:

  2. Iraq/Afghanistan wars disabled 624,000 US troops , Divorces up 42%, Foreclosures up 217%

    among militray families and communities.

    High human cost on top of $Trillions debt for future generations from neocons blunders of using military force for spreading equality, freedom around the world using false WMD/freedom claims.

    Divorce Rate Among Afghanistan, Iraq War Vets Increases by 42 Percent

    January 2, 2012|4:29 pm
    The divorce rate among military couples has increased 42 percent throughout the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a recent study