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  1. My fellow Texans, can you guys put me onto some arms I should consider buying?

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    Lol at all the options Gunny listed. I'm interested in weapons primarily in case of a foreign invasion, defending property (home/land/etc), marksmanship, and maybe for a collector's item as well.
    Well, there are some cross-purposes here where different weapons are better suited to different ends. One of the reasons the AR-15 is so popular is that it does everything well, but nothing spectacular. If you are looking for one weapon to do ALL of that, you are probably looking at an
  2. 30 Lectures that Will Help You to Become a More Knowledgeable Libertarian

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    30 Lectures that Will Help You to Become a More Knowledgeable Libertarian

    One of the most popular posts, ever, at EPJ is The 30 Day Reading List that will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian. It has recently occurred to me that, thanks largely to the Mises Institute, there are many, many videos and audio tapes that can help in educating the student of liberty. Here are my top selections:

    1. The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate by Robert
  3. Top Constitutional Experts: Obama Is Worse than Nixon

  4. Austrian Economics and Inflation

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    Critics of the Austrian School of economics have been throwing barbs at Austrians like Robert Murphy because there is very little inflation in the economy. Of course, these critics are speaking about the mainstream concept of the price level as measured by the Consumer Price Index (i.e., CPI).

    Let us ignore the problems with the concept of the price level and all the technical problems with CPI. Let us further ignore the fact that
  5. Important Documentaries List

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    Health Freedom
    War on Health the FDA's Cult of Tyranny
    Food Inc
    Tesla Free Energy
    Thorium Dream‎
    Taken For a Ride
    The Money Masters
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