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  1. Sway of Resistance

    We aren't so far removed from our founding principles, as we are from our morals, virtue, and integrity to stand behind those principles. I am, but one man, with the ability to change the minds of ten. I can tell you I've changed the minds of hundreds. There are many like me, for I am not unique in this regard; yet, I'm as diverse as all the differences that may be between you and me!

    You don't need the majority in society to stand in solidarity for the cause of freedom. You only need
  2. It Will Take More Than Fear to Sway Me

    In this age of myopia, great men and women of this country are called to duty as a society to envision a better World. Itís not impossible to imagine, nor is it to achieve. We sent a man to the moon. We split atoms and harness energy at its source. An idea that once took years to reach every corner of the Earth, now can be done an instant.

    A man had a dream and 370 million living Americans have heard it.

    Every idea has a source and that is and always will be the individual ...

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