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  1. Will you still support Justin as an Independent?

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    If you look at 1984 and brave New world as a template for how you want the country to be than by all means don't support Trump. Both of those authors invisioned an America that is post capitalism. I am going to support whatever candidate that rejects socialism and has a chance at winning, right now that happens to be Trump. I didn't put myself in this corner but I will fight to bone to keep the socialists from taking over.
    "I will fight the socialist from taking over by supporting ...
  2. Yes! Rand to vote against emergency declaration

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    It's not the President's job to be the judge of "time of war" either.
    The President is empowered to repel invasions as the Commander in chief of the military.
    This isnt a military invasion, anybody who says otherwise is being dishonest or an idiot.