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  1. The terrifying spectre of "race"

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    Believing in the concept of Race (or of differing races) is total intellectual failure.
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    There is only one human race.

    Maybe. Depends on definition of "race". I would be careful about creeping PC or even personal idealism coloring one's view on things that perhaps we do not quite understand sufficiently.

    I would add that just because we may accept the existence of race along the line of some clear, complete, and rational definition, it does not follow ...

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  2. EXCELLENT SPEECH!!! "The State is Too Dangerous to Tolerate" by Robert Higgs

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    We really need to get rid of the State!

    How are we going to do it?

    If it can be at all achieved any longer, methinks violence will be the only route to success, barring a near-extinction reset event.

    I base this speculation on the facts I see at hand.

    Firstly, Theye want the power of command and obedience.

    Secondly, They want it perfectly, which is to say that they want it absolute and guaranteed. In order to do this, Theye

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  3. Ferguson decision is in -- NO INDICTMENT

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    brushfire]I'm convinced, more and more, every day, that what happened at the Bundy ranch is how you deal with these fktards.

    Offer some kind of response to force, and make it available for all to see.
    It wouldn't work in this case, because the tactic depends on restraint by both sides.
    I would agree with this, to a point. However, I do believe that we as a population on the mean have gone well past the point of complete restraint. ...
  4. Court: State Doesn't Have to Educate Your Children Well

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    This is no different from the "logic" employed by the courts (including SCOTUS) in declaring that police have no obligation to protect persons or property.
    And the logic is completely correct. The failure lies in the absence of followup reasoning which directly and irrevocably demonstrates that police have no place in a free and civilized land, much less any authority to act against the sovereign rights of the Individual. The language and reason to which you refer does, ...
  5. Could Free Stater's example of smart gun ownership spark a debate about gun control in the UK?

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    Government in all its regulation and social engineering, doesn't just perpetuate poverty and violence, it cultivates it.
    And so it has been throughout the history of human Empire with but scant few exceptions.

    The pattern is clear and in fact glaring. Theye sow the seeds of discord, poverty, disease, war, death, and misery; then chide, punish, threaten, and admonish when people behave as Theire machinations all but guarantee. They do so as they assume a false high ground ...
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