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    The good news. Ron Paul received 53% of the vote in 1 town and 40% or greater if 5 other towns!

    Ron Paul’s 6 towns over 40%
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    Not only did Ron Paul improve by 70% in South Carolina polls because of his success in the New Hampshire Primary, but Paul also improved by 25% nationally.
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    I don't know Returns_A_King. I like your question, though. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of a single dead voter voting so it is really hard to track which candidate won the coveted dead voter demographic.
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    But did we win the dead voters?
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    The Report was updated. The veto was overridden for 2 bills and a new house resolution was written and passed.

    This report includes a partial selection of the list of pro-liberty bills, resolutions or constitutional amendments that at least passed either the New Hampshire House of Representatives or the NH Senate as of October 17th 2011. I attempted to not include duplicate bills. The bills included on this list are bills that I believe the majority of people find pro-liberty; though, I personally may not think all of the bills listed are pro-liberty.

    At least 55 pro-liberty bills and 2 pro-liberty resolution passed in NH in 2011. 5 pro-liberty bills were vetoed by Governor Lynch but may pass later this year or next year during a veto override session.
    Veto overridden
    I. Allows a person who is anywhere he or she has a right to be to use deadly force to protect oneself or a third person.
    II. Inserts a civil immunity provision for the use of force against a perpetrator in certain circumstances.
    III. Deletes the minimum mandatory sentencing requirement for felony convictions which include the possession, use, or attempted use of a firearm.
    IV. Amends the definition of “non-deadly force” to include the act of producing or displaying a weapon.
    Veto overridden
    This bill prohibits municipalities from requiring automatic fire suppression sprinklers in certain dwellings.
    Passed House 258-112, Doesn't need to pass anyway else as it is a House Resolution
    This house resolution declares that the advisory opinion issued by the supreme court in response to SR 9 under New Hampshire constitution, Part II, Article 74 was incorrect and a dangerous addition to a series of decisions of the court inimical to the authority of the legislature and the right of the people to be controlled by no laws other than those to which they or their elected representatives have consented, and urging the senate to remove HB 89, a bill requiring the attorney general to join a lawsuit challenging ObamaCare, from the table and pass it.
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